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Awareness when in a deep coma

I'm was just wondering how many have had some awareness whilst in their coma.

I have a very vague memories of

• the ceiling and my wife's frantic voice, as I was rushed for a scan at the general.

• A very bright light with someone constantly saying my name and my wife being unable to give information, I was angry as I thought her not knowing I'd had yellow jaundice, as a child, might mean I'd die

• I don't remember my first words not being "Where am I but "F off and leave me alone"!

All the doctors told me it was impossible given my state on admission. One night I heard a voice coming down the ward and it sounded like an angel, when I told the nurse, she said she was the one talking to me. Interestingly she said she'd thought I'd survive, as I'd been very agitated. She had a very uncommon name and I wrote it down, however next day I couldn't find my note.

I thought after that, it was a morphine induced dream.

After my second bleed I ended up on the same ward, even though we'd moved to a different area. One day I heard her voice on the next ward, asking a nurse who is that and I was told the same name but I never got to talk to her.

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Never was in a coma, in fact apparently there is some doubt that I even lost consciousness but I only have smattering of memory’s and they are clearly quite confused with sometimes quite significant gaps.


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