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How Long is a piece of string??

So I had a bleed in June 2017 in my cerebellum, had radio static treatment in January 2017 as it also bled back in October 2015. Its 6 months on and I'm still suffering with a shaky/vibrating inner body. Funky vision. Balance issues and still learning to walk. Some days it really gets to me and I will cry and some days I just get on with it. Any advice please, I know to some people it's not that long in the big picture. It's now slowly destroying me as I'm such an up and go character.... I can't do anything without the inner shake grabbing me ☹️. On a happier note, I hope you all had a good Xmas day X

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I cant offer specific advice on brain bleeds. Though I do have crazy vision (double, blurred, after images, light flashes etc). Just wanted to wish you the best really.

I do think that a lot of symptoms of brain injuries lesson or disappear with time and that 6 months is relatively early. In the meantime, adjustment can be hard. Im hoping that counselling will help me adjust to the new me. If you were a get up and go sort before then maybe that side of you will kick in again when had more time to get use to the situation.


Hi this coming Monday/Tuesday I’ll be 5 years post cerebellar haemorrhage. Complicated by ventricular extension, then hydrocephalus & ventriculitis (and a few other non brain issues) I was hospitalised for 6 months in total including roughly 2 months residential rehab....I was terrified unable to do pretty much all the physical things I’d taken for granted since being a young child. I never thought where I am was possible, in fact I have a great full life now & I really appreciate everything.


Some or all of the B vitamins will help "the shake" .

In Google, search for "The benefits of B complex vitamins Sources and Benefits" and the webpage is at verywell dot com. See list of foods.

Ask doc for a couple of B12 injections to replenish Vit B12 reserves then start on an oral supplement. Include the Vit B foods in every meal and if you notice the shake lessen, change or disappear, you know you have given your body what it needed. Keep a diary of foods versus health status and find correlations with the foods that make you feel healthier.

Do read the side effects of any medication the doc has put you on to discount this as the source of the shake.

All the Best Cornish waves.


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