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Alan Shearers documentary - I started off with wanting to talk about a tv program and then got side tracked with wanting to talk about other

I watched Alan Shearers documentary last night and found it fascinating and then stumbled across this: bbc.co.uk/news/health-41970624

Side note: Im also organising to sell raffle tickets in work (across 2 of our main offices with help from a colleague in the other office ) to raise money to keep the social group that I go to still running as well (and I have at least 5 people interested woo) as well as having a hospital appointment to do to on the 3rd jan to have a look at whats going on with my hormones (possibly having a phantom pregnancy) and on the 31st jan 2018 it will be 17 years since my head injury (I think 13 - 30 = 17) and December is full of parties (I have at leas 4 to go to) and my birthday (30 ahhhh !!) and getting presents and Ive renewed my tenancy agreement so Im running between the estate agent and the bank and Im trying to sell my car for parts in the next 2 weeks and organise time off work ...

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