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My own site is live! Well, It stops the Facebook bans


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  • Brilliant yet again :-) btw since I'm messaging you I finally found a copy of your book and expecting it to arrive inh the next few days. Im looking forward to reading it.

    Rachel x

  • Woo-hoo! Hope you're not too disappointed!

  • If it's anything like everything else you've done I'm sure it will be great. 😁

  • Book? Did I miss something?

  • Andy wrote a book called Almost Auf Wiederseshen excuse spelling

    Synopsis is The author describes events before, during and after a severe brain injury.

    A job in the former East Germany shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall alters his life forever. From building sites to a coma and confusion in the blink of an eye. A searingly honest account of a change in his life over which he had no control.

    I've been trying to find it and finally tracked down a copy. :-)

  • It was twenty years ago, nearly

  • Thanks for the info....I will check it out

  • Yes, I read it about 4 years ago ; got it second hand from Amazon as I think it's out now of print.

    Andy's injury was much like your own...........quite brutal & devastating. x

  • Fantastic Andy, that's one for the favourites list xxxx


  • I'm getting there, slowly :)

  • Have to go for the day so look properly later, but just wanted to say 'Nice One' Andy. Back later........

    E xx

  • Cheers!

  • 'Strength In Humour' ............. how true ; love it !

    Great choice of photo too. Well done.

    E x

  • Glad you like it!

  • There ain't no stopping the Brain damaged Baron! Brilliant Andy.

  • Thank you! :)

  • Thank you.

    Someone who gets it.

    Yes we are alive but struggling.

    Frustration, headaches, neuropathic pain, grief etc etc

  • My pleasure :)

  • Lovely pic

  • It's our favourite :)

  • Wow! It can only have been what - twelve months ago? - that we were having a conversation on here and you were saying that you didn't 'do' social media and that all your previous attempts at awareness raising had kind of fizzled....

    Look at you now! So full of followers that facebook is frightened. Sorry about the alliteration there, it just happened. Can't even blame it on it being Friday...

    Just goes to show that everything does indeed have its season. And now is obviously the time for you to reap all that you have sown through years of perseverence and gritted-teeth-getting-on-with-it.

    The site looks fab. I hope it is blessed with thousands - nay, millions - of visitors. You serve your brain-damaged community exceptionally well, Andy. Thank you for all you do to help others to understand the reality of invisible impairments and to give us a mirror to view our conditions with a wry smile instead of with tears.


  • Wow! Thank YOU for those words, that genuinely means a lot, thanks. The first film was July last year, so it's 15/16 months. In those months I've done little else than sit on the previously berated social media, trying to get 'out there' :)

    No thanks are needed or wanted, I really do see it as a job now!

  • Looks good and your info about yourself could be helpful for my partner to understand what's happening to himself :-)

  • I'll be attempting to upload a new film on the site every week, so keep checking...

  • Will do :-)

  • Yay your book arrived today a little light reading for the weekend :-)

  • I apologise in advance :)

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