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Hi has anyone experienced a really runny nose, dry cough and sneezing after surgery? My hubbie has started to come home at the weekends and it is like a full blown cold all weekend. It happens in the hospital too, but not quite so much. These issues are listed on his tablets as a side efffect so I have queried this and await a response, but worried he may be allergic to the house or me and the dogs now!!!!! of course it could be cold due to a lowererd immune system, but really odd & for him pretty distressing. I do not know why he was put on medication, we were not consulted, but he appears to be on a low dose of Quietepane. Any suggestions or thoughts very welcome!

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Hi Avena

If it comes and goes, that is happens on numerous occasions, and isn't continuous and then resolves and doesn't occur again e.g. a week later it is unlikely to be a cold but more an allergy. A bad cold would continue for a week or so, initially getting worse then gradually improving and wouldn't happen again for quite sometime. We can develop allergic reactions at any point of our lives and don't think it would be linked to bi or surgery. Although both can render us unable to eat a balanced diet for a time and our immune system could become depleted which leaves us more prone to infections e.g. Colds etc. This year when on holiday in France I got what I initially thought was a cold but the symptoms would get worse when I was outside and after a while it became clear that this was an allergic reaction. I have never had that before and I don't think it is because of my bi because that was 6 yrs ago. Haven't a clue what quietepane is but maybe he needs dr to prescribe an antihistamine for when it happens.

Post nasal drip is a side effect of my anti epileptic meds. Once I knew what it was I was bit less distressed about it and I found that using a neti pot ( yoga type cleansing practice which you may need to get shown) was a great help as I'd rather not add to my medications.

Good luck ☺

My OH had a cerebellar haemorrhage and craniotomy, and during his recovery he developed a runny nose and a watery eye. They lasted for several months, then gradually lessened and went away.

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