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my life

took me a while to think of what i could write in this post its my first time ever i was left with bi when i was 8 in hospital for some months after

its now 27 years after married at the age of 24 have 2 children. i could get stressed easy up to a month ago i spoke to my doctor he was able to give me some anti depressant tablets which i call happy pills make me feel better about myself don't get stressed and i am now finding it easy to talk to people i find my condition makes my wife stressed we argue and disagree on things i feel that i am not listened to if i am its just a yes or no not a conversation

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Hi Wayne, welcome! Do you feel that your happy pills have helped your wife's stress levels? I've never had happy pills but I do wonder whether they'd help me...not sure if get the doctor to prescribe them though as I don't think I have symptoms of clinical depression...

Is your wife a 'normal'?

I find it really difficult to know what's me and what's my injury (I was injured at 11)...I feel really lucky to have the wife I do, we talk stuff over all the time, but there are times when one of us doesn't feel like talking.

It's hard, she always let's me talk and I invariably start out our more heated discussions thinking I'm right until she's let me talk and explained her point to me about five times! I'm not the quickest on the uptake, haha...she's very understanding of my injury!

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I never felt like i would need them but they gave me a bost confideance no more headaches. People at headway group gave me the idea to try i am so pleased i did now. My wife is normal if things get heated between us we just seem to sit in separt rooms for a whileuntil we cool down i used to go out for a drive that would help or even a short walk with the pills i don't have to do that anymore


Sounds like they have given you some balance in your noggin...quite an appealing prospect!

I find because I was so young when my injury happened, and it was a lot of years before I acknowledged the effects of it, I can't tell what behaviour is because of what I would have been like anyway and what's because if the injury.

The kids get away with murder with me too as when I try to be stern it just comes off as mean and I feel like a horrible person! Mine are 4 and 6, how old are yours?


My kids are 11 and 6 i am easy going happy all the time when the fight wow my head goes crazy even when unpacking the weekly shop and the sound of plastic bags can't take that either


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