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Someone with half hour memory

At a BI group I go to a young girl goes to this allotment that we all can go to each week. The first time she went I noticed her being told and reassured that her mum was going to pick her up about an hour before we went. This week the man who runs group told everyone that she has a half hour memory. I remember the woman who runs group mentioning someone who needed one to one who had half hour memory through drinking alcohol too much. I think she lives in a elderly care home which I can imagine is horrible. No offence to elderly but when you are with people with the horrid illness dementia it's uncomfortable for people who are aware of things, unable to have conversation.

At the group this girl is very quiet only speaks when spoken to. Now I understand why as she won't remember many people. Also at group we feel we can have a laugh with each other forgetting things as it's common after BI and even for people without BI but wouldn't feel right joking about this girl forgetting things as it effects her life so much to she needs caring for 24 hours a day. I think alcohol is reason behind it rather than BI. I think cases like this should be shown to put people off drinking. I know this is obviously one of extreme cases but could make people more careful.

I do drink occasionally and no plans on stopping but if anything would put me off it would be thought of having a life like this girl.

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To help her, could you have stickers on with your name on so she knew who she was talking to? I know a lot of people with memories like that (usually through dementia). It is so difficult for those looking after them when they ask every 10 mins 'what day is it', 'where are we going' and so on.


Yea that's an idea we actually did that a few month back but stoped as most of us do remember most names. We are all bad at remembering names. Other week a new girl came in said her name and 2 min later I'd forgot. After 2nd or 3rd time I remember. Also once one of men brought him grown up son for first time said his name and man who set group up kept repeating it and said he'd say his name every time he spoke to him to help him remember. I think that name is the only name I have remembered first time.


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