Knight XVI

Knight XVI

Mini Baroness accosted by a bloke whilst standing next to...

Sir Chesterton Cornflour-Chapelhatpeg

Sir Chesterton was a lovable young man, very, very popular with all he met. A dapper bloke who once claimed to have seen angels at the bottom of his croft. In battle he truly did see angels when whacked over the head with an axe handle and clubbed to death by an angry beekeeper

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  • Have had such a difficult week, I haven't been on here, but your post just popped up on my phone. Due to the screen size it displays just part of the message - I got as far as the word angels and couldn't stop laughing :) you've cheered up my morning so much - thank you

  • Well thank you, I'm pleased I can bring a little smile to your face :D

  • This photo makes it look like your trademark hat has developed a Roman-esque raspberry ripple-coloured ruffle over the top of it! Interesting!

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