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Understanding a tbi, in the terms of others?!?


I have a tbi having driven my car into a tree, not on purpose, trust me!?!, 6 years ago, now whenever when I'm out with my friends, if I have to back track myself or I make a wrong decision I tend to "blame" my brain injury (jokingly), now when I do make an error they then turn around and say, sarcastically r u blaming ur brain injury again..... well until you've had one u can't understand is how I feel to never be as you were again... frustrates n angers me..

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Makes perfect sense to me! 23 year veteran here and still it frustrates me that the old me vanished, but you do learn to accept it and move on. Stay with it and stay strong. Keep on visiting this site, ask questions, vent your frustration and just generally chat with like minded folk who know precisely how you feel.


For me and I think this is common it's forgetting certain things. This can look deliberate to others who don't understand as it does seem to be stuff I'm not bothered over. Tell me something like remember to go somewhere I like going on set day and time I'll easily remember. Tell me to do something like put washing out or clean something I'll probably forget.

I think blaming BI for things is natural as it does have so many effects on you so why not blame it? Just makes light of it rather than letting it get you down.

Other week I went on a trip bowling with a group for people with brain injuries. The man who started the group had an appointment back near where the centre was when we got back. We got stuck in traffic meaning he was late and he was like oh it's ok I got excuse I've got BI. He wasn't the one driving so BI had nothing at all to do with him being late but he still used it as excuse. In his defence tho which wasn't as noticable he was getting tired and struggling more with short term memory to point he forgot what he phoned someone for as soon as they answered phone. Luckily I knew and reminded him. So blame BI or not it will be to blame for something.

Sometimes I use the brain injury excuse/explanation to help myself understand why I do or don't do the most ridiculous things, when I can even make that connection. At this point I don't really give a crap what others think about it. It helps the new me deal with life as it comes. If that's wrong, or others don't approve, I don't care. It works for me until I can figure out a better way to do it. Guess I'm getting a bit frustrated about it. Guess I'll take a break and breath. Sorry for the rant.

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No rant taken 😊

Wow i'm right with you there, i find it difficult to cope with peoples flippant re actions almost like they assume it just an excuse to be Diva suddenly .. It is soul destroying at time.s


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