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Hello all, We are 9months post injury..I just wondering if anyone has had similar problems.. Whenever we are laying down in bed, my partner cannot lay still, his legs will go mental !! As for the duvet cover, He wants it over him but it irritates him for some reason.... this goes on and off throughout the night.. Anyone had the same? Does it settle? Many thanks.

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  • I find my skin can be irritated at times when covered even lightly, I also get restless leg syndrome, but did before.

    Your husbands nervous system has taken a battering and may or may not settle down, he will learn how to cope with it, I take paracetamol for my legs but just cover myself lightly when having sensitive skin issues.

    Janet x

  • hi, the issues you talk about come up on this forum quite a lot, I too experience these. An absolute nightmare! The other comments in reply to you saying same. the support you will get from keeping in touch is so amazing, so I hope you keep logging on. So difficult to watch someone suffer and the exhaustion that brings. We are all here for you. x

  • Yes Cign, I have restless leg syndrome (RLS) but it's something which developed long before my brain injury.

    Mine is a side effect of certain medications, so if your partner's symptoms coincide with any new medication he might want to speak to his GP about a possible alternative.

    The link below pretty much covers the issue :-

    Best wishes, Cat x

  • Thanku, i shall look into that x

  • Thankyu so much for your replies, I really hope this settles down soon and I know its just time Im waiting on 😊😊

  • Hi, i used to peddle my feet franticly during sleep and even awake for a couple of years after by brain haemorage, it isnt something i could ever control, and i used to tear up the sheets and matress with my nails, i had to stop sleeping with my poor partner as it was so disruptive to his sleep, but sadly nobody told us there would be any ill effects after the bleed, and my GP put all my symptoms down to mental illness rather than brain damage from the accident , healing/ recovery depends on the individual and the help and support or lack of it, you receive, this headway site is an absolute life saver for us, and the partners and families who have to deal with us, just remember it is not his fault, and these movements are involantary and not in his control, i also have seizures so it may be worth having a word with your Gp and or neurologist, all the best to you, Karenxxxxx

  • Hiya, yes that is exactly what he does "peddling frantically".... im glad to hear it finally stopped, that was really what i was hoping to hear... xx thanku xx

  • Hi - as you have seen, it looks like a fairly common problem.

    My partner left when I had my stroke so don't know how it might've affected that part ..

    But - on a practical note - wonder if you could have separate duvets for the time being ? Just a thought :-) K

  • I have the same thing. You might check with your neurologist. I'm 8 months from a rollover car accident. He/she might have some ideas. Good luck.

  • it sounds like restless leg syndrome or could be meds restless leg s .is horrific my mum had it she use to get up in night with it . and have to walk round for a few hours . I think ive got it .

    does your partner wake up are his calfes like cramps at the time . does it wake him up

    all ill say love I pray he has not got it its very misunderstood . but my angel mum sufferd bad

    with it everynight im sure the is meds but if it wakes him . I think the only thing tobmake sure he sleeps .cat has it she's the one for sound advice . and cat god love I feel sorry for you .x

  • Thank you Eddie !

    You've actually reminded me (by talking about your mum) that my dad suffered with it ..................... so maybe a hereditary element also ? xx

  • could be cat I get cant explain the feeling just got cramps and ive got to keep moving my feet sliding them on mattress I no like bangind your funny elbow with weird feeling in your calfes

    horrendous x cat

  • That's it ! You've described it really well ; it IS just like the sensation of hitting a 'Funny-bone'.

    Which just goes to suggest it's a nerve issue. Nice one Eddie ! Take care. xx

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