Will it ever end?

On Thursday ive got a meeting with a guy from Atos about changing DLA to PIP.

I'm actually getting pissed off with having to prove I'm not eligible for work. Why don't they leave me alone.

If I'm not put on the higher rate of PIP then I lose my travel pass and wont be able to afford my rent.

Ive heard all the horror stories about ppl being taken taken off DLA and put on the low rate PIP.

I'm having nightmares

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  • Hi did you know you can get support from welfare rights. They can help with documentation with appeals etc. When I applied for dla and the same when applying for pip I bombarded both with reports, letters basically everything I had, I also had lots of information to hand. There is also citizens advice they have special advisors, and other disability organisations have advocates who will go in there with you.

    Hope it goes ok

  • spideyman are you still on here?

  • Steve55 you are an idiot.

  • spideyman having read what youve written its very unlikely youll come away with anything and you may even be denied an appeal.

  • Thanks for your positive encouragement. The World really needs idiots like you NOT

  • spideyman i dont see how i can look at it any other way. the 000s of miles youve travelleved independently are trips that you have planned.

  • Let me get this straight as youre obviously lacking social skills.

    When I trekked the Gt Wall Of China it was for Headway. During this I had a fall and had to have stitches.

    Since then my health got worse as I had a "stroke".

    Now if youre so clued up with my posts you will have read this.

    Its idiots like you that are the reason we had to endure Gordon Brown. The moron who got the UK in the state its in.

    Kindly keep your idiotic opinions to yourself

  • spideyman i think you you need to re read all of your posts to see exactly what information you have posted.

  • Wow what useful input steve55

  • Hi Spideyman

    It can work the other way round - in my area they transferred us early - I moved over in 2014 I think. I went from low rate DLA for care and middle for mobility to higher band PIP for both. The woman saw me on one of my bad days, it has to be said.

    It is a hard and nerve-racking process but there is no escaping it. Just get as much evidence as you can from anyone you have been in touch with and send it in. Take someone with you if it makes you feel less stressed. And just tell them, in as much detail as you can, all the problems and difficulties that you face on your average bad day.

    That is the best you can do...so try and gear yourself up for that and don't woery too much about the outcome until it arrives. In spite of all their rules its a very subjective process at the end and you don't know what the reaction will be on the other side of the table, and you can't challenge it until it is done. So just focus on your line of attack for round 1.

    Best of luck.

  • My dad is also currently going through this process (but for ESA) we've got written letters from his neuro occupational therapist and GP justifying why he is unable to work full time following his brain injury - we also got advice from members of our local headway

    One key things I remember as awful as this sounds is never use the words sometimes

    Apparently if you say you can do something sometime (say for instance if your having a good day)

    They note that down as can do

    It's awful but you have to answer them thinking of how you are on your worst days - the assessment sounds very black and white and there is no room for grey areas

    Good luck

  • Hi Spidey,

    As TBI said above, when you are answering their questions you should always describe your worst day and how difficult things are when you're struggling. It's a shame but if they think you can 'manage' because you may have days that aren't quite as bad, you're penalised for it.

    I don't think firms such as Atos (And lots of others!) have an appreciation of why Brain Injuries can be just as significant as some other disabilities.

  • Get in contact with Citizens Advice, ASAP.

  • It is a strange and frustrating feeling having to prove you are unable to do something.

    I think they forget how demoralising it can be to be reminded what you cannot do and having to prove it.

    I have just gone onto pips and the run up before saw me slowly getting more depressed as I went over what I was unable to do instead of focusing on whathe I am able to do.

    I know that they are doing their jobs but little thought is given to the effect of this process has on peopLe. ..even when successful.

    Good luck with pips.


  • I volunteer in a food bank and work hard there but its only for 2 hrs a week.

    Ask me to work at the same rate for 5 days a week its a different matter

  • Same here. I am just getting over pneumonia but I am a volunteer walk leader. Can only walk short distances an no fast anymore. Do one day a week but feels like six.

    It sort of keeps me out of trouble and makes me feel useful.


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