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Hi all I'm having a late one, I don't know why I guess my head over riding my body. I managed alot yesterday and thought god I'm going to be in pain so I'll rest today. Total opposite, its like I'm spinning a lot of plates, theres never any let up.. sort out issues in anything needs doing round the house, bills, buy things we need, make the calls needed, support my partner with his bi, be his memory, know where everything is in the house for him, go round turning things off and putting things away. Since my disability and my bi its been a horrendous seven years relentless problems and dramas, but I sit back sometimes and think I don't know how the hell I'm coping.

But hey I'm not the only one, and I'm sure there's lots of you coping with much more. I have read some amazing stories, with people coping with severe injuries, and the problems that come afterwards for them and their families. When I speak to someone able bodied and they moan, or doctors etc I always sit there and think you wouldn't last a day in my shoes :-)

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I understand. I'm better in a morning after a thyroxine tab. I have flat feet and plantar fasciitis heel pain and plantar fibromatosis in feet. I try so hard. My husband had a stroke which was hard with tempers etc, also I have a diagnosis of schizophrenia which is controlled by a low dosage med. My husband now has cancer. Its hard. But his determined nature is admirable. Yes I have moments and get tired. And I'm alone a lot. So I really do understand. My husband actually gave up work to be my carer years ago. But its my turn now. He's very spontaneous and just does things and wants to drive to get away. Im not always ready. Long distances. So today I got up early and said come on to Portsmouth where we first met. But its raining and he's not bothered. Yes I'm set in my ways due to tiredness and my brain won't think fast. We can only do our best in life, make sure you look after yourself also. Its hard dealing with life especially when we know his cancer is incurable. Its hard not having a safety net anymore.


Morning its comforting to know that there are people who understand and going through the same predicament, problems, and challenges you are. I had plantar fasclitis in both my heels in the past and had to have those horrible injections in them. My legs just don't work well at all, I haven't been able to move my toes or arch my feet now for years which affects my balance. That ontop of neuro problems and a bi and dealing with a partner with a severe bi its a lot of juggling. From reading your reply you understand all to well, you are dealing with so much. I am so sorry to hear of your health problems as well as the serious health problems your husband is living with. Trying to do any daily activity of days out can be such a challenge, and I don't think able bodied people see this at all, just travel can be such a challenging event and thats before you get to your destination.

Life is a real challenge it is like trying to walk on a moving floor whilst spinning plates x


It's a mile in another's shoes isn't it.

This said as ever it can be difficult to see others problems and even mild stuff can play on your mind.

I'm dyslexic functioning but dyslexic very much so. In fact a lot of my coping strategies that I used I just use more so now.

But the Dyslexia did used to annoy etc, but its paled into insignificance due to the brain injury, it's in many ways a non event now. Clearly it still is there but is noise in the signal now.

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