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Hi everyone I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent me such lovely supportive replies to my Frustration post. To know there are people coping with the same bi's or coping with the care and support of someone that has one, and empathise with me means the world to me. If I have managed to support anyone or just offer a kind word makes me happy. Your all amazing :-) ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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  • Gemma you probably wouldn't agree but you are amazing. Not everyone would support, care and love their partner when they are going through the worst time in their life. To come on this forum and open your life to strangers takes guts. xx

  • Awwww thank u so much but I'm afraid I'm just muddling along and taking advice and hoping for the best lol!this is a whole new experience for me and I'm out of my depth completely but This forum and the people on it keep me feeling positive!i have definitely found a new outlook on life and I'm trying to be less selfish and just be truly grateful for the things I have!i am blessed with 3 beautiful children in my life,a man who loves me and a job that means the world to me!nothing worth having comes easy and this forum has given me the drive n determination to make things work!its amazing the amount of wonderful people on here who have the worst problems ever yet still have spare time for a complete stranger!its beautiful especially with the world we live in!its also heartbreaking that there's over 3000 people on here who have been effected by a BI and even sadder to know that they r struggling in some way!you truly are an angel 😇 always remember that when u are having a down day!if it wasn't for people like u then I would b in a whole different frame of mind right now and I have to b strong for my family! Ur a God send xxx

  • Aww Gemma its wonderful to hear that we've all managed to help in some way. I think we've all felt an incredible loneliness and isolation and overwhelmed by everything that has happened to us. I think when you find a forum like this its a gem, and a lifeline. If anything I have said has made any difference to you then that makes my day. I know I'm a fighter, th days that are hard I know now I can come on here and wonderful people are there. That gives me the encouragement to get back up and carry on. I know I've said it before but if you need me you know where I am :-)

  • ;-) xxx

  • Hi Gemma how's everything going x

    Angie x

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