Familial brain anyurysm

Hi, I'm interested in finding out a bit more about familial brain anyurysm. My mother died aged 42 (in 1968) of a brain anyurysm. Her sister also died aged 55 and her brother aged 50. I have recently learnt that my late uncle had 12 children, four of whom have had anyurysms and fortunately (no doubt due to advances in medicine) have survived. I would like to know if anyone has had experiences of having a diagnosis of anyurysm prior to suffering one. Thanks everyone.

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  • I think this is something that you need to discuss with a doctor to ask for a referral to a specialist. Have you spoken to Headway, they might have some information on this.

  • Definitely need to ask a neuro medic. I think it's possible to get a scan ( but not sure) but also not sure if there is "preventative treatment" if anything untoward is found ( so would I want to know ??)

    Good luck finding answers ☺

  • Thank you exhausted wife and moo 196. I'm due to see my GP tomorrow. Part of my concern is that of my uncles 12 children, four have suffered aneurysms, and two have had scans and "clips" around bulges. But that's in Ireland so things may be different in the U.K. And as you say, I think I need to know one way or the other if I am likewise at risk. I will see if I can push for an MRI referral.

  • Hi my grandmother passed after one aged about 60 my father had one aged 55 lived to 84 I also have an aunt who was aged 60 still alive and I also have a couisin who was in her 40s when they had theirs I was 52 , your doctor can refer you for scans if history warrants it but as previously said what you choose to do once you are aware of this ticking time bomb is the question as they have to be over a certain size before consisted for action is taken , would you want this info?

    Hope this helps E

  • Hi cactus. Yes, if it's there and I'm aware of it I can have it clipped if big enough. If not, then i can still be aware and more importantly, my family won't have the awful shock of the suddenness of it. The hardest thing I had to come to terms with was my mothers absence in my life from very young. I have a disabled son I have to think about. If I'm on a watch and see list it at least means I'm monitored....I would rather know what I have to worry about then speculate.

  • The best thing for you to do is speak to your GP and ask for referral for a scan then your mind. An be put at ease a little at least afte mine my daughter and brother wee referred and both clear, good luck x

  • Hello Jules

    Nothing to add that hasn't already been said, but just wanted to say good luck with your GP, and hats off to you for trying to treat this illness (if you have it) before it potentially turns your life upside down. Very best of luck, and fingers crossed for a clean bill of health x

  • Thank you everyone. Just back from the GP. I had marshalled my arguments and had the wind taken out from my sails when he said he would refer me to a neurologist as I have a high risk. My blood pressure is also a bit high (but then I was a bit stressed) which he will check in 6 weeks. So thank you all again, I am very grateful for the support.

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