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Close friend suffers brain injury after cardiac arrest


Hi everyone

Yesterday afternoon one of my close friends called Mark a store manager aged 36 suffered a massive heart attack that caused a cardiac arrest in front of me, his employees and members of the public.

I and one of his employees did CPR until the paramedics arrived. Paramedics managed to get a pulse back 40 minutes after he had collapsed but he wasn't breathing.

At the hospital they did tests including a head CT which confirmed that he had suffered a hypoxic brain injury, swelling of the brain due to the lack of oxygen during the cardiac arrest.

They have done an operation to stop him from having another heart attack in the future and are closely monitoring the swelling of his brain.

He is now still fighting for his life in a non induced coma in the ITU/ICU. It isn't looking good for him.

Everyone who know him are all heartbroken including his wife Mary and the sad thing is he has two children a girl aged 8, a boy aged 6 and a third on the way in 6-8 weeks time.

Just as things were getting for me with Annie aged 20, she is still in the coma but was moved to the high dependency ward on Sunday (4 days ago) , Gareth's daughter this has to happen.

I will be ringing headway tomorrow or Monday to get more information sent to me by post about the brain injury Mark has suffered, so that I, his family & friends can read together.

What have I done to deserve this heartbreak too? Why? You don't have to answer.

Will keep you updated.


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my thoughts are with you and the family


kerr28 in reply to steve55

Thank you Steve


I really empathise Laura. My family went through a similar period of shocking events 7 years ago, lasting 5 years. It can seem like you're being targeted somehow by a sadistic force and it all feels so overwhelming.

You're dealing so well with these awful situations by learning as much as possible and keeping up a good dialogue with each other. I hope you'll continue to give and receive valuable support from family and friends.

We're here if/when you need extra words of comfort. Love & all best wishes to everyone affected. Cat xx

I am so very sorry to hear this. I know how devastating all of this is having been through this with my son aged 18 when it happened to him. Keep strong and use headway. A valuable source of both support and information. Xx

Hi Laura,

So sorry to hear all of that. Cat is right, life seems to go along ok, sometimes with rarely a problem and then everything happens in one year. This has also been the case with my family. I do hope things improve very soon. Be sure to accept any help and support and take care of yourself. x

So sorry to hear what a shocking time you are having. Headway should be able to provide some good support to you and Marks family. Take care xxx

Thank you everyone for your kind and understanding words so far.

Wish I could give you all better news on Mark's condition but I can't yet as they is still no change in his condition yet. The main thing is he is still fighting to stay with us and that is what is keeping us all positive that he will get better soon.

Even everyone I know at church I go to are also praying for Mark's recovery and they also gave me a get well soon gift for Mark on Sunday (5 days ago), which I thought was very kind of them all.

Will keep you all updated as soon as there's any change in Mark's condition.


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