Semi colon Tattoo

Semi colon Tattoo

I was just reading an article and came across the growing movement of tattoos in the shape of a semi colon.

You are probably sat there much like I was - why get a tattoo in a shape of a semi colon ? It is a new trend in showing support for mental health and preventing suicide. Why a semi colon

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life,”

Intended as a conversation starter, it is realy quite smart

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  • Honestly Sospan, although I don't easily get excited or impressed by anything much these days, that's really got to me !

    I think it's such a unique and thoughtful little notion that I might even ask about having one, and in a very prominent place.

    The idea that the semi-colon could become a mental health emblem, and a symbol of survival, is pure genius.

    I wouldn't have the whole narrative tattooed, just the punctuation itself, because I suspect that would invite discussion on the purpose for its existence on my skin.

    It's a very special issue for me, and anything which raises (badly needed) awareness is way overdue. :o

    Nice one Sos ! xx

  • yoh go cat!!!

  • It stuck a chord with me - at the variations with hearts look really good

    and you can get jewellery - there is a Ladies pendant which has the ; and "The best of me is yet to come" which is quite nice and "my story isn't over"

    I like its subtly, it doesn't scream a message and I guess people whom know about it, probably nod in recognition to others whom wear one.

  • just saw one where the "dot" had whiskers - so it looks like ....... a cat with a tail :-) :-)

  • Yes, I really like that one ..........and one with birds in flight above. But for me it would have to be a basic unadorned semi-colon so that it's meaning isn't lost in styling. (Probably cost-effective too ! ) xx

  • Wey, good for you Cat! You're braver than me, brain surgery was a dawdle compared to the thought of getting a please! Hope you are well. xx

  • I wanted a tattoo years ago (a dove) but nowhere would give me a simple dove outline (like the Picasso one) so it never happened !

    Hope you're ok m;love. xxx

  • I had some fingers sown back on under local anaesthetic but the thought of putting in contact lenses makes me queasy :-(

  • soz i was just about to say, do people know what it means? i had an old fashioned education so it was something i came across in books often.

  • My education was quite a long time ago and like yours traditional. I guess most people know what a semi colon is but probably don't know when to use it.

  • One of the wee lasses at work, has either that or something similar, for her due to metal health stuff.

    I agree it's a interesting tattoo

  • Good find Sos.

    Simple yet powerful tat.

  • That's a great logo and I'm well impressed by why it was chosen! Wow, just wow! xx

  • Ooo - another idea for my new tattoo ..... I was thinking the Ohm symbol, carpe diem or something colourful ...... popped in to the place where I had last one done and they won't do hands or feet anymore - so need to rethink. Inner wrist is definitely not on my list of places to have one.

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