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My mum suffered a brain injury about 12 weeks ago. She was discharged from hospital by the physio with out consent from a doctor. The hospital have really messed up and she still hasn't been seen by a doctor. She is suffering with memory loss. Constant ringing in her ears with loss of hearing, concentration, headaches dizzyness and often collapses when she stands. Could any one please tell me how to get mum the treatment she needs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated many thanks

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  • hi i suffered the same in april this year and its so frghtening the hospital discharged me 10 days later with only a bag of pills and absolutely no knowledge of what to expect or when i would be seen again, i also suffer most of ur mums symptons except for the tinitus (ringing in ears ) the only advice i can give is to see your gp who now will take over your mums healthcare untill her follow up appointment at hospital usually about 3 months after discharge. in the meantime contact your local headway group mine is headway wirral they offer lots of support both for the patient and family from answering questions to helping you sort out benefits and general support they saved my life im sure , i do honestly know how scarey it feels but with help and support you will get there be strong for ur mum and feel free to chat anytime.

    sending you my very best wishes and a hug

    tracy x

  • Hi Hannah - I think you should take legal advice as this could be a case of clinical negligence - Headway have a Solicitor's List within which you should be able to find a solicitor who would look at the situation - even just the threat of legal action would ensure that the health 'professionals' would spring into action to ensure that you would get the appropriate support and treatment. Also, as Tracy has already said, getting involved with the local Headway group/branch would be beneficial - Hope this helps...


  • Hi Hannah, some very good advice above. It would definitely be worth contacting our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or The nurse led service can talk through your situation and give you some guidance as you pursue this.

  • Thank you both for getting back to me it means a lot. Tracy we have been to the doctors on numerous occasions just to get told 'the referral has been done' and sign mum of work. We have had to point a complaint in about the doctors as mums referral wasn't done after getting told all this time it was. I have contacted my local support group and am waiting for a call back. I'm so glad I found headaway and can speak to people in the same situation. I just thank my lucky starts every day that mum is still here. Blinkyfish thank you for your advice I shall be speaking to a solicitor, thanks for pointing that out.

    Best wishes to you both and thanks again.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks headaway I have sent an email and also waiting a call back from my local group. Thanks a lot.

  • i had the same thing back in february i was discharged by my phsio after thay checked i could make a sandwich myself (so thay knew i could feed myself !!! ) i went back to my gp after being relised some weeks later as i hadnt had any folow up from the hspitals ( the only follow up was from headway ) i kept go in back and pesturing them at the surgery i eventally saw a differant gp i am now seeing people at one of the hospitals (i was in two over a month) and now im getting help, in fact ive got someone coming from the neuro rehab team any minute now i think its a case of just pesturing them or else nothing will get done !!! good luck

  • wow very scary and may i say unprofessional a hospital has a duty of care when diuscharging a patient to satisfy themselves the patient is discharged to a safe environment with suitable care its not a physios job ot to check the home is safe neuro consultant or doc brain impairments

  • Thank you all for your help and advice. My mum has now been seen by the neurologist and is waiting for various tests and a bed in a rehabilitation hospital. Thanks again for all of your help and support.

  • which hospital was she discharged from i had a bitter experience in an nhs hospital in dover but found my local mp very helpful have you tried yours neil

  • Hi Neil, it was a hospital in Northamptonshire. we have not stared the legal progress as yet but we sure ill do.

  • Hi Neil, it was a hospital in Northamptonshire. we have not stared the legal progress as yet but we sure ill do.

  • it seems a common thing to dischage people without appropriate support, it happened to me. I called the nusring services and GP advising them I would be phoning the local newspaper to hightlight this. I got a visit the next day and from then on full support, I am sorry to say the only way to get what is needed is to complain loud

  • i was sent from ITU to a trauma ward then to Neurology rehabilittation unit where i had a job convincing them i was ok to go home. seems like it depends on the hospital but my advice would be write it all down and send it to your MP as that is what they are there for and they can make a difference. The thing i am concerned with is your support. It is hard careing for someone with a brain injury especially when you do not no anything. They gave me support but nothing for my Just someone to advise you on what is to come and how to cope also the resorses out there. so PLEASE use us on here. Know one knows the T Shirt like the one's who have worn it! x

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