Happiness Is A Chicken

Happiness Is A Chicken

We bought a metal chicken and named him, 'Cuthbert Chuffnut'

Happy? Oh yes

Mad? Possibly :)

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  • Ah why not!

  • Hi Barron Jules here

    We used to adopt groups of x battery hens (the older ladies) - in one group i was sitting watching them settle in to their new environment and one jumped on mu lap - nobody else just her. She continued to do that right up until the last time i saw her - i named her 'friendly'.

    But she had feathers, unlike the handsome metal one you have (is bringing back memories of the Clangers and a strange looking dragon

    Kind regards



  • Nice memory to have :)

    Cuthbert is happy here, he's settled in nicely with Hubert the hedgehog

  • i have a hedgehog too hes called 'Random' i have a rat called immodium... (not a real one). Is it part of your head injury that you name everything Mr Barron. Its great it cheers me up.



  • Not sure it's my injury, I just think I'm a prat :)

  • Iron Chicken came into my head. Spoken by Michael Palin in Clangers (I've watched that quite a lot with my son :)

  • that was palin... wow - wasnt he life of Brian in earlier/later times with his mates ? distant memories

  • Yes think it's a new series :)

  • in the early days of recovery i was placed in front of the telly and it was 'Sean The Sheep' ..... it odd as i have memories of it being absolutely fantastic. My husband has since bought me a couple of videos of 'Sean' but it dont seem the same at all now. As i am writing this i am now recalling i was on strong pain relief. That would do it.


  • Ha ha, yes kids programme's are bizarre :)

  • Now he is absolutely beautiful. I have a smaller one made of black steel with a solar belly, so he glows at night. But I have to say your Mr Chuffnut is in a different league.

    There's a whole range of painted metal farm animals at our local garden centre and I'm always tempted to adopt one, but I already have a stone cat, tortoise and frog, and a metal chicken & dog so there's always a danger of creating a toy-town look which I wouldn't want ...................... 'tis quite a big garden though...................................................... ?

    Love Cuthbert though ; has Curfew been introduced ? xx

  • Curfew swapped scents in the first minute. In the rubbing up against sense, not the peeing on sense :)

  • Phew ; close call !! Nobody loves a stinky chicken. It should be fine then, so long as Cuthbert knows his place & never crosses the sacred boundary to your knees. :o xx

  • He wont fit through the cat flap :)

  • Ha ha ! Had some doubts about what I said earlier so went down the garden to check on my chicken and, as I suspected, it isn't a chicken at all .............it's a very fat mouse (the one with a solar tummy) and whiskers & long nose. It's feet look a bit like chicken feet though (4 of course) and a cute twisty tail.

    He's actually been under-appreciated so I might bring him to a prime spot, give him a name and reclassify him as an objet d'art !! xx

    .............still v fond of Cuthbert (so soon). x

  • Mouse/chicken, easy mistake to make

    You should call him, 'Merriment'


  • Merriment ?? (bit twee for a lad perhaps) :o

  • Mildew




  • Ratty...........it's got to be Ratty plain & simple.

    Anyway, we digress. You might consider planting Cuthbert's feet in concrete in case there are chicken thieves around. I live in a perfectly nice area but had my gargoyle stolen.................. xx

  • You can't call a mouse, Ratty!!! Are you insane? Consider my friendship withdrawn, I've never been so appalled

  • It's done. He looks like a rat and HE likes it............so see if I care !! :p

  • I'm astonished, bewildered and slightly nauseous

  • I'm not nauseous ; off now for my chicken, new potatoes, carrot&swede and gravy with heaps of sage & onion stuffing............................... :D

  • and some rhubarb pie.

  • That is cool, I looked at buying a couple of metal sheep

  • Ooh, sheep, now I'd could happily have one of them!

  • They look cool I thought I could have a little flock in my garden ☆☆

  • I want one now :)

  • Ive seen them at a local store but I think they're also on ebay and amazon they have a black head and a white body and their bodies are layers of metal discs. Honestly they will look fab with your chicken, if you can't find one let me know and I'll have a look and send you the link

  • Nice, I'll have a look. One wandering in the splendour of the baronial gardens would look great

  • Lol love it your on my wavelength

  • Just had a look on ebay for you and when I put metal sheep in it came up with a plethora of sheep, you can even get a family of them. They look so cool

  • I'm on the case...

  • Let me know what you think

  • Very nice :)

  • Awe Cuthbert is lovely! Nice name too I must say, very posh! I do however believe that chickens don't like to be alone, you usually see them in a clutch or flock or brood or whatever you want to call it! ;) Time for some more shopping Andy! Hahaha! Cluck, cluck, hurry along now! ;) xx

  • Peachy, you've clearly, CLEARLY forgotten about Hubert the hedgehog who resides outside with him :)

  • Oh no that's not getting you off the hook that one, Cuthbert will only feel at home there with one of his own kind! Hahaha! Makes me think of.....Old Baron C had a farm, E,I,E,I,O and on that farm he had a hedgehog, E,I,E,I,O!!! Are you happy?......So if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands...yeehaaa!!! Get out and get Cuthbert a brother or sister, c'mon now, don't be miserable!!! ;) xx

  • I refuse to have a shed-load (shed-load being the collective noun for metal chickens) of chickens roaming the grounds annoying the cat and just generally being a trip hazard. It's NOT happening. So there.

  • You've just confirmed what an old bore you are Andy, oh deary me, a few metal chicks is too much for the Baron himself!....until the next time you're out shopping and spy another one......we could put bets on that! Hahaha! xx ;) ;)

  • It's NOT happening.

    Although, I did take a liking to the metal heron in the shop :)

  • Hahaha!!! xx

  • When I was in hospital as my family drove to visit me they passed a metal giraffe in a garden. It cheered them up each day and would like one in our garden but they are very pricey. Metal animals are great and don't take too much food or need taking for a walk.

  • Hi everyone - Jules here.

    Just logged on to see what the people were chatting about .....

    how really nice to have a really long giggle ! Priceless and something you cant be prescribed.



  • Too right!!

  • Cool name

  • He likes it :)

  • Glad to hear it!

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