Problems ??

Hi everyone. Just like to know if anyone else has had problems accessing replies to posts. I've been messing around for over a week, refreshing pages and logging in repeatedly.

I managed to send a reply to someone today, only to find it had sent twice .............. and now the duplicate won't delete.

I've even uninstalled & reinstalled Headway but nothing's changed.

If no one else has problems it must be my machine, in which case I'll have to do a System Restore.

Thanks in advance...........a simple Yes or No will suffice !

PS This post refusing to send so might be duplicated after I've tried a few more times ! xxx

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  • no

  • Thanks Clarry ! It's taken ages to access these replies. x

  • No, mines ok too

  • Useful to know Janet. I've managed to find your replies, but still have to keep logging in when swapping from page to page.

    It's useful, knowing where the problem's coming from.

    Thinking of Jenny if you can pass that on.

    Hope you're recovered from the hectic week last week ! E xx

  • Just about thanks. Jenny has just finished her first round of chemo, been feeling very sick and they've told her to expect to lose her hair in a few weeks, but she expected that and it's not forever is it?

    I have to log in to headway every time I use it, not like it used to be.

    Love Janet x

  • Thanks for that Janet ; give Jenny my love won't you.

    My friend lost her hair due to chemo but now it's grown back she has the curls she always wanted after a lifetime of bone-straight hair !

    I hope the sickness can be controlled somewhat for Jenny. Poor love ; she's had to be so tough............and brave.

    Have a good weekend m'love. E xxx

  • Hi there Cat,

    No mine seems fine. Good luck! Hope you're fine. xx

  • Thanks m 'love. Could do with an update from you when you're feeling up to it ??

    Hope you're as ok as possible. xxx

  • Thank you for asking. I'm plodding along nicely, I'm having good days and bad days. My eyes are very annoying yet when I get them tested they seem ok! It could be an age thing as it's close up that's deteriorating. It's frustrating me but I'll be having my mri on 6th February then get the results on the 13th (thank goodness it's not a Friday), :) so I will mention all the annoying niggly things then....usually you are told it's nothing to do with the tumour, which again is very frustrating! I had to have diabetes checks last Wednesday so I'm hoping to get my results soon. Apart from that I've no real news bar I'm excited that this week will be the last week of my husband having to study(law) every evening and every weekend! He's been studying for the past two years and also working full time in a very demanding job, plus had the worry of me and this blooming brain tumour and having to get radiotherapy as it had grown again, then his brother was diagnosed with a different type of brain tumour and has had both surgery and radiotherapy it has been a very long, tiring and stressful few years! I honestly don't know how he's managed to keep up with the study but he has and it's nearly over so yoooo hooo I'll get him back again and we'll have one less thing to contend with! He is actually taking me to Paris on Valentines Day....the day after I get my results, so fingers crossed by then we have good results (or as good as they can be) and we can jet off for a three night break. I'll just have to take it easy there and do what i can manage but it will be so nice to get away. I'll be double checking my case making sure that I've packed everything I need so I'll probably be quite stressed before we leave but I've promised myself I'll try to be relaxed about it all! I'm feeling rather upset today as I have just read that one of my fellow meningioma warriors died in her sleep last night. It's very sad, her husband had been so excited that her op had gone so well and he got her home for Christmas! Benign is not fine! Poor couple my hearts feeling it for them this morning! I hope you are managing away fine, I bet you are desperate for the spring to come and get back out into your garden again! I love spying the first snowdrops, they tell us the better weather is on the way! You take care and hopefully I'll hear from you soon! Lots of love Cat! xx

  • Thinking you maybe missed my reply and thought I was ignoring you Cat. xx

  • Oh my word !! You're right Peaches, I hadn't seen your reply..........what with all the glitches over the past few days.

    I ask you for an update then miss it ; sorry m'love !

    Firstly, I'm sorry to hear you've lost a friend ; that must have been an awful blow & terribly sad.

    You've been so incredibly brave (yes I know we don't see you when you're struggling) but being brave IS about struggling.................and having the courage to keep fighting back.

    So you deserve all the good things headed your way. I'm so happy to hear that your man has achieved his goal ; you've both been so committed and diligent in working toward a better future. And what a team effort !

    I hope, upon hope, upon hope that your test results will be pleasing and that your Paris trip will be everything you want it to be. You must both be so proud of each other.

    I'm so happy to 'know' you Peaches ; you're an inspirational lady. Love from Cat xxx

  • Is it the bi thing with us haha! I missed this post Cat!

    That's so weird you said that we worked together to achieve all of this as yes we did, i might not have been doing the study but I was trying hard to keep myself occupied and have everything ready for him to just run in the door at night to be able to study, plus my husband also had to make the trip back for my radiotherapy etc etc as he was away at that point! It's really been tough but I have my fingers crossed it's good news we get in two weeks time, god-forbid it not being but what's infront of you won't go by you, so onwards and upwards whatever we are told!

    I'm so very happy to "know" you too, you're a truly wonderful lady who is an inspiration to everyone on here!

    Take care and talk soon....if we see one anothers posts that is, haha!

    Lots of love.


  • Just letting you know I've seen your message !! (this could run and run).

    Forgot to mention that I really do sympathise with the vision issue. I had both cataracts replaced last Autumn and now, though I no longer need specs for driving, my close-up vision is awful (whereas before the ops it was ok). I can't see to walk about with my reading specs but have to carry them everywhere as I can't read product details, prices etc in shops...............just something else to get used to I guess.

    Maybe see your optician again after the dust has settled ?

    I hope you've got a detailed list of stuff to pack for Paris (I only go as far as York and list every last item, down to Elastoplast & safety pins !)

    .......Be thinking of you on 13th Peaches. xxx

  • Hi Cat.

    Not had problems replying but have had to constantly log in all the time.

    But that could just be me.

    Pax x

  • Yes, the repeated logging on is new to me Pax ; something's changed on that front !

    Thanks for your input m'dear ; hope you're doing ok ! xx

  • Not doing to bad thanks Cat. Getting back on my feet...literally. ...after a bout of bad flu. Not sure what good flu is but hey.

    Hope you are well. I am hoping to be back more on the forum soon.....just advance warning being given.

    Pax x

  • Oh you poor thing. These viruses are always worse for people (like us) with pre-existing issues/conditions.

    Ii's THAT time of year of course. I dread the Norovirus or any type of sickness bug ; can't seem to shake if off & whereas the doc used to come out years ago with a magic injection, nowadays they tell you to go to A&E ?? (imagine that if you dare).

    I really hope you're over the worst of your flu now Pax & not too wobbly.

    Take care m'dear. xx

  • I'm also having to log in everytime I view headway (where before it stayed signed in on my phone)

  • Aha, so it seems many of us are having the logging in issue at least.

    It might be worth mentioning it to the tech team ; not that it ever makes much difference, but nothing lost I suppose.

    Been thinking about you Elenor & wondering whether you managed the return to work ; I'd love to get an update if/when you feel able. E xx

  • Hi Cat,

    I have had spates of not being allowed to submit my replies ( v. frustrating ! ) and seeing the log in box pop up unexpectedly but not just recently. Maybe we just have ghosts in the machine !

    Hope you are well ( as we can be ! ) : ) Angela x

  • Hi M'love. thanks for info ; I'm replying to all hurriedly, before the 'ghosts' return !

    Hope all's well (as possible). Love Cat x

  • Mine seems ok too Cat.

    But I have noticed a very long delay between a reply appearing on the page and turning up in my in box.

    Not sure if it's connected.

    Hope you're managing to keep your wits and not let it drive you mad.

    Love n hugs


  • I keep uninstalling & reinstalling Headway ; it seems to allow me to do what I want to do, though pretty frustrating.

    Trouble is, every time I close the lid on the problem I find myself opening it again, 'cause I won't be satisfied 'til I've got to the bottom of it !

    Thanks for replying Random ! xxx

  • Bit late to this, but nope, everything is fine here.

    Hope you're well x

  • Thanks Andy ; just more evidence that it's an issue on my side. It's improved a bit since reinstalling the app.

    Previously I'd select a post with a number of replies and ..................... no replies anywhere to be found ; just an empty space. At least I can access them now.

    Hope you're all doing ok throughout these grey, gloomy days ! Love E. xx

  • Hi Cat,

    I can access messages. I am not using a mobile device or app.

    I opted to remain logged into Headway and I can get to the forum without logging in. The cookie with my username, etc is still working. I am using firefox as my web browser. (You can download firefox for free on your computer). Websites can behave differently according to your browser.

    Have you installed a specialized anti-virus software like Norton with a safe store for username and password data, which is supposedly meant to give you more security if you are one of those users who chooses to 'stay logged in' or have a browser remember your username and password so you do not have to type it?

  • No I've never had to log on unless I'd refreshed or restored my system but now I'm logging in each time I post. I had many security issues with both Norton and AVG and only resolved them after installing 'Malwarebytes' which has proved a demon in tackling all manner of infections.

    I've uninstalled & reinstalled HealthUnlocked a couple of times and I can now access the posts which was the main problem.

    Thanks for your input Jayne ; hope you're doing ok. xx

  • Thanks Cat. Good idea. Small tip. I have heard if you install Malware bytes, to use it with your device totally offline to really spot all possible viruses and trojans. When it is clean or at least checked, you can go online again.

  • Yes, that's what I do, and it'll suddenly pop up with an alert showing all the issues it's found ; very efficient and reliable ! Thanks Jayne. xx

  • Nothing happened at my end [John Whitehead]

  • Thank you John ; all points to a problem at my end ! Best wishes x

  • hi cat

    i was always having problems but it may be that i lose internet connection at times as now i have new router everything is fine

    There are sites on the web that can check your internet speed and check to find problems

  • I've just had a new super-fast router delivered before Christmas Dillm and it's pretty reliable.

    I'm starting to think It's a provider issue as various operating functions, unrelated to Headway, have suddenly changed.

    It seems to be settling down so maybe it was interference from updates ?? If the problems return I'll do a System Restore.

    Thanks for replying ; hope you and little'uns are doing ok. xx

  • Hi took Alfie with me to see my cousin wha was working today in a car showroom (He used to every fortnight before Smudge arrived )

    Smudge has really fallen out with me for taking Alfie and not him 4 hours after returning he has got still got mood on with Alfie and I

    He will obviously come with me next time

    I thought my wife could hold a grudge but Smudge is worse

  • That really made me smile. :-/

    Poor Smudge though ; you're going to have to eat some serious humble pie Dillm ! x

  • I Can't win if I take Smudge, Alfie is the same but it is good for them to go and see my cousin and the customers love them but i can't take them both and I think they enjoy going on their own

  • So alternation might be the only solution ; meaning you're in the dog house every time !

    You know the old saying Dillm ........ you can't please all of the Bedligtons all of the time..............

    Take care Dillm x

  • Can't say I've noticed anything.

  • Can't say I've noticed anything.

  • Thanks Paul. It's looking pretty conclusive after so many helpful replies !

    Hope you're ok (as possible) ; don't see you around so much these days...............hope that means you're busy with life in general, but nice to see you..

    All best wishes, Cat x

  • Benn busy with a new house and converting a barn into artists studios ( long story)

    Might be visiting Manchester for a family gathering soon.

  • Yes, of course, the move ; sorry I forgot. Converting a barn ....................sounds wonderful !

    I don't have a barn, but I did convert my attic into an office/computer room ; it's now the best room in the house but I don't bother going up there since I converted to a lap-top !

    Hope you enjoy the Manchester trip Paul ; take a look round Salford Quays if you get a chance ! x

  • Salford quays? Sounds so glam! I went to Salford tech when it was opposite Hanky Park. A bunch of tower blocks with a pub at the bottom of each one. Guess it's not the same now.


  • Er.....NO ! It's a very different area from the one you remember Paul.

    .............Salford Tech those were the days-70/80s ! :o

  • John cooper Clark was the technician. 1977. Happy days.

  • Happy days indeed Paul ! x

  • Hi Cat, I don't have trouble logging on but my AVG refuses to let me look at posts unless I click on them loads of times. It seems to see them as a threat. Hope you are well.


  • I thought it had resolved as I could access posts again yesterday ; obviously a fluke as today I've really struggled to see replies. It's taken me hours of messing about this afternoon and finally I've found you m'dear ! (another fluke no doubt).

    But even the green bar at the top of the page has turned black ; something's not right but I've run out of patience for now !

    It's off-putting isn't it Jan ? Thanks for your reply though m'dear. Hope all's ok with you. xx

  • Yes, I'm fine thanks Cat. Love this site, it keeps my sanity!

    Hope all is well with you. Are you managing to keep warm, this cold has been really biting hasn't it. Just been to my daughter on the Isle of Wight and the ferries were all late because of the fog. Got home to our town which always has the worst weather of anywhere in the south, to find brilliant sunshine! Still cold though, had to light the fire tonight.

    Look after yourself.


  • I have my fleecy 'animal' bootee slippers and a chunky, soft wrap (have three, so always one on the go) ; and right now I'm under the duvet snug as a little bug !

    I always sigh with relief once we reach February 'cause we're headed for Spring once more. I know Feb/Mar can be rough but it's a psychological boost seeing a glimmer of light at the end of that dark tunnel ! (Hate Winter).

    Take care Jan, Cat xx

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