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Hi my name is Wes 37 from Manchester I had sub hemerough in Jan of last year I had two aneurysm s which one of them burst I had coming ang clipping and vessel sacerfice I also had a stroke to wen came around I was on hdu for 3 weeks was really ill went to 8 stone looked like death during that time I knew nothing aboat it all as it was somthing I knew nothing aboat I was told that they would have operate again in march to remove a avm off the bac of my brain which I was more than likely born with this was a success on the 29 th of march I was still feeling tired all the time and had no outlook on life was always being I'm lucky bit didn't feel lucky 😕 In aprill I had a cfs leek so I was took bac in where I had lumber punch which was yet a bad experience for me I still have double vision in my left and right gaze the last twelve months have been nightmare for but I've stay positive as I have two children 16 and 12 I'm now bac at work on reduced hours I'm looking at going away this year don't how much holiday insurance is going cost me does anybody and good places to get it ??

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  • Hi Wes and welcome. You're doing well being back at work after the SAH and so many setbacks ; well done to you !

    Sorry I can't help with holiday insurance as haven't travelled abroad since my SAH but hope you'll get more helpful responses tomorrow.

    See you again soon. Cat x

  • Hi Wes and welcome.

    Not tried going abroad myself. You will find might just cost more than the rest of the holiday 😕

  • Hi Wes sounds like you're doing well and I like your positive attitude to life under such difficult times. My girls were 14 and 16 when my husband suffered his tbi and it's not easy so I'm sure your kids would love a holiday. We have managed to travel abroad, got insurance through the post office but you need to go through medical screening with them. Look it up on internet and ring their number. Good luck, hope you get sorted - Jane

  • Hi Wes sounds like you have been through alot and its good your looking to go away!

    I hada Brain haemorrhage caused by an AVM 10 years ago, the aVM was too deep in my head for normal surgery so I had radio surgery to treat it in Sheffield and ten years on its completly gone!

    As for holiday insurance its bst to look around I often found Tesco to be the cheapest but it does depend where you go on holiday for example I usually stick to Europe as outside of Europe the price sky rockets.

    Good luck x

  • Hi Wez0161,

    Thank you for your post. You can get information on travel insurance, as well as other useful information on travelling after brain injury on our website at

    There is some information on the page, and you can download the Holidays and Travel factsheet, which includes a list of insurers who are more likely to be able to offer cover.

    Best wishes,


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