Hi everyone! I was out walking the countryside with my dogs (well actually a friend's dogs) and down by the river bank I met someone who I had previously greeted. In fact I've seen her a few times on my walks and we've exchanged "hello's", but this time we stopped to properly talk. It was a beautiful crisp sunny day (-3.5) and I made sure to dress in lots of layers as I really feel the cold. I joked to her that I had cfs and I had to dress like a 'snowman' because my body temperature regulator is defunct. She said "I'm the same, I have it too. I've had a brain haemorrhage". My could have knocked me down with a feather. What are the chances of bumping in to a random person with those conditions; SAH, CFS and Endocrine problems? Suffice to say I haven't ever met anyone with that same diagnosis since my injury. There were so many comparisons, and I think we're going to be very supportive to each other as we make our recoveries....yes, even after all this time, the brain still is in recovery!!!

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  • It's amazing how four legged friends bring people together :) thank you very much for sharing this website with me Swedishblue

  • You're very welcome 'Dodgedthebullet', have a cuppa tea and enjoy our company!!

  • And a welcome from me too Dtb ! Hope we see much more of you. ;-/ x

  • Thanks Cat x

  • Lovely story ! And am I right in assuming Dodged the bullet is the lady in question ? x

  • A'h you are so right Cat! x

  • Ah, so we have a new 'recruit' ! Well done m'dear. ;-) xx

  • Am very pleased for you that you have found someone who has had similar conditions and you can both look forward to more understanding, friendship and support to each other.

  • Hi Strawberrycream :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words. x

  • I am happy for you; to have found a new friend with similar gifts.

    ... the thing that brings people together ... is that they have shared stories. If you learn how to listen to people’s stories

    you can find what’s sacred in other people’s stories, then you’ll be able to forge a relationship that lasts.

    Blessings and keep greeting !

  • A'h that's such a lovely comment, thank you. x

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