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A little known secret !

Hi I thought I'd share this on here as I'm sure with anyone whose had or been affected by a brain injury is aware life can change in the blink of an eye.

Not a lot of people are aware of advance decision requests - this is a legal document which allows you to have a say in your treatment even if you are unable to communicate your needs - you must have mental capacity to make one and it must be signed and witnessed but in this day and age I feel strongly it's something everyone should have in place.

I'm very much a believer is quality over quantity. I hope some of you find this useful 🙂


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It is also sensible to have 2 Power of Attorney documents, one financial and one health. This means that if you are unable to suddenly run your affairs, the person you have nominated can do so for you. Otherwise they have to go through the Office of the Public Guardian even to be able to access your money to pay your electricity bill. The forms are available on line.


Very true. If the person does not have the health and welfare lasting power of attorney, the patient can be in the control of Social Services or similar and you do need to go through a complex procedure to be able to be appointed as their welfare representative.


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