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Update on husband

Hi all,

My husband Steven is now out of the ICU and on a general ward.

Steven can feed/drink liquids and use the toilet on his own. He can walk with the aid of a frame or crutches, depending if it's a good or bad day, the full length of the ward. Also he uses a specialized seat and still needs physical assistant from either a nurse, me or someone else, this depends if it's visiting times, when using a shower.

My husband recognizes certain faces including our baby son and has held him.

Will keep you all updated.


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It must be a tremendous relief to see Steven up and walking again after all the anxiety and waiting of the past couple of months. And I don't underestimate the toll the situation has taken on you Sammy, at a time when your body needed to recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

This is such positive news my dear......................keep it coming !

Love and all best wishes to you all. xx


Fantastic news! Take care of you and Sammy.

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Awww - such lovely news. Amazing progress. Long may it continue :-) xxx

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