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hyperbaric treatment OXYGEN

Hi All Just noticed some one asking about hyperbaric treatmant my sister for some years now as been having the treatment and found it very beneficial contact details for information are Joanne Goodwin Manager West Yorks MS Therapy Centre -hyperbaric unit Tel No 0113 263 7375 hope this is of help and thanks to Cat and for replies to my recent post

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could you expand furthur about what your situation is and how hypberaric oxygen helps please

desperate for something to help my dear grandaughter still suffering horrendous stabbing pains from point of injury and the non stop migraine its triggered 24/7



I had asked recently.

I am waiting to meet with my consultant to ask about it. I also asked my neuropsychologist about it and she mentioned doing exercise is just as beneficial.

I have heard lots of positive things from HBOT. I am still very interested in trying it..!


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