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Hyperbaric chamber therapy

Has anyone tried hyperbaric chamber therapy? I’ve read some amazing stories on the internet.

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Have you looked online to see whether there are any local to you ? I believe that there are HBO chambers at certain MS therapy centres around the country, but funding varies from private to NHS backed centres run by volunteers. These facilities are becoming increasingly available to patients with a variety of conditions apart from MS, including brain injury survivors.

I Googled 'HBO centres UK' and immediately found there's one close to where I live in Manchester apart from many more around the country. There are details & photos on the site and testimonials. You could contact them to get information on availability and cost :-


Good luck m'dear….. x


Thank you so much!!

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Sorry I've no direct experience but, like you, I've heard many promising reports of HBOT. Good luck in getting better treatment for your sister. Please let us know how your enquiries go...…. Cat x


Ive been wondering the same thing. I read the o2 gets in on a cellular level. Strenthen and heal weak brain cells.


Hi, i looked into it when i was early in my recovery but i would have had to pay and would also have needed a referral from my GP.

I didnt think i would have had any trouble

getting that referral but i remember i would have had to attend at least weekly and it would have meant having someone to accompany me at that time.

I havent looked into it recently at my stage of recovery i dont know that it would help because i understand that best outcones occur when these chambers are used early on.

Maybe its tiine for another look.



I think I’m going to buy a home unit if i can get my sister well enough to come home, she’s been in the hospital with constant infections. But I will let everyone know how it goes once we get started :)


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