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6th cranial nerve

6th cranial nerve


I have damaged my 6th cranial nerve which results in a lazy eye and constant double vision.

The ophthalmologist I have seen wants to wait 18 months to see if it gets any better and make a decision later next year. So this time next year I might be able to see straight..

I was given a pair of prisim glasses which don't straighten anything out. I use them for reading as they just blur out the 2nd image from the bad eye.

Has anyone been through something similar or have any advice?

Thank you.

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Following my son's skull fracture when he was 10, one of his eyes was misaligned. We were also advised to wait and see, but after a year there was no change so it was corrected surgically. Ideally have a surgeon who is experienced since the amount of adjustment to make is based on the doctor's judgement and you don't want to have more than one surgery if at all possible.


I'm assuming I'm waiting for them to decide if I'll need surgery.

Did it all work out?


Yes, happy to say good vision and no further problem.


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