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Hoping to get out of confusion,depression,actually to thecore the bleeds to brain @fter,5-8 hours

here goes I was attacked with baseball bat an brush pole although apparently you have to wait a year for bleeds to settle.During that year cops moved me back home I have epilepsy,phsoratic.oesteo.arthritis,fibromyaslgia,carpel tunnel,no immune system erm,ptsd,an now stuck house bound in middle floor flat.So the gp;decided im [part of his guinea pig trial so I may get answers but my memory short term,is non exiatent,my concentration,poor,headaches,double vision,like electric shocks running through my body to name a few symptoms,can anyone help me understand these terms there going to be using as think lost me for 4 years ?Please advice an help on this id be grateful for

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yes I can help. in the early days, when focus and concentration and decision making are not always available skills, take things slowly - don't impulse buy, wait until the next day, maybe take three days to make one buying decision to ensure you have allowed enough time during which you will be up and down. on your good days research the following:

magnesium, vit B12, zinc with copper, multiple vit B.

your body is using up essential resources to heal, that means you have become deficient in certain vitamin stores. you need to boost these stores to help your body just stand still.

to help move these vits in the body, consider adding one of the following:

liquorice, Echinacea, gingko biloba

for ptsd: ask for counselling / keep dream diary - get to recognise the repeating film - view it from a distance.

eat raw salads and crunchy vegetables to get high nutrition and greens for iron. use a pro-biotic pill daily to help gut bacteria. (alternative is natural yoghurt if you eat dairy) brain injury impacts gut digestion which is where immune system is maintained.

know that you are in early days - you will heal - be patient - you will get there with effort.

repetition of games online like yahtzee for maths, scrabble for words retrains the brain.

short term memory does return when immune system settles down. when it is working over time (ie having to pump blood upwards against gravity all day long to heal the brain) it steals resources from all other areas of the body. you are in a temporary state, you will get better. support body by laying down in horizontal position so blood doesn't have to work so hard to get to brain - is why liquorice, Echinacea and gingko biloba are helpful.

sleep for as long as you need - I had weeks of sleeping, actually years! waking to eat and shower and a 15 mins walk then more sleep. do it. ignore reason. listen to what your body needs. it sounds drastic. in reality, allowing sleep to take over, may not be restful sleep, but takes the gravity issue off. also I wore woolly hat to keep head hot to encourage blood flow there, I also had windows wide open to give myself as much oxygen as possible while I slept.

good luck. best.

p.s. the holder of the baseball bat unfortunately doesn't have a brain cell to rub together so you are doing better than them! send them love and wishes that one day they learn to not be so mean to others, they have been taught disrespectful behaviour is ok, its never ok to hit someone with a bat, you were lucky, send them love, send yourself love, you are a strong cookie, you will get through this, hugs.


not got immune system,tablets duplicate it my calcium,iron I have iron transfusions.Also say its dangerous cbt,here as im rein acting it in my sleep,have hurt myself doing this.Thanks his excuse was he loved me more than life itself.huh,also sick of repeating myself without realising it.My love is writing so I can write just hands are so sore.Thankyou,for your advice an kind words as sometimes I think killing me would of been kinder,less painful option,uno.Have been doing repetitive games an by doing so found hed sexually assaulted me too ,thats were I had to stop cbt,as I couldn't handle it plus cops sending,Rafa;when I said im not strong enough to go through court again,I will try all you say as I wanna just get some type of life back thank you means alot replying,


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