Sunday Poetry Corner

Maybe we should start one :)

I have been musing (again) on putting things off and dashed off a poem (ahem) yesterday. Rather than delay :) I am posting it today before I forget (very likely when you have amnesia, as we know) get caught up in the school/work week or lose it under a pile of papers...

Never live by vacillation

Tremulous deliberation

Don`t write it down and do it later

You know you won`t (procrastinator)

Live it now and live it loud

Be yourself, be brave, be proud

Don`t be no-one, leave a mark

Embrace the light and not the dark

Tomorrow may not come so shun

Life in suspended animation

14 Replies

  • love the upbeat tone.

  • I LOVE that abi ! :-) x

  • :) Having a positive phase! x

  • "Don`t write it down and do it later

    You know you won`t (procrastinator)"

    Absolutely love this... made me smile, Thanks

  • Very good! xx

  • Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Thanks :) Been over to check our your blog and you have an incredible attitude and positivity, there is no way I could have been that upbeat and energetic so soon. Good for you, being positive will stand you in great stead for the next few years. I agree about medics too, if you are lucky you end up with good people looking after you and the NHS has some actual genuine angels working in it.

  • Thank you for your kind words. Writing poetry and hearing other people's poetry has massively helped my brain to understand and reorganise things better.

    Keep writing :)


  • Your poetry is bright and breezy.

    Fabulous! Claire xx

  • Thanks Clara. Hope life in Oz is good for you and you are happy. Its 4am here and, as with lots of us, the lovely quiet night (no kids, no cars) is when we are happiest and most peoductive/ creative, just a shame that I need to get up for work/ school in a couple of hours :(

  • Thank you; such lovely supportive poem.

  • Thanks x Hope all is good with you today and you are managing this new weird post BI world

  • Lovely thoughts Abi and it made even better sense after I looked up the word 'vacillation' ! : ) x

  • I was thinking...Let me know if I can help you with starting a Sunday poetry corner. I know a lady that runs a poetry group, I am sure that I can get tips and ideas for poetry games and ideas.

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