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They say everything happens for a reason

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But does it?...Does everything happen for a reason?

Yesterday, at one of my disabled groups I go to, I found out that a very nice man is seriously ill and I also found out that one of the ladies in the group, who uses a motorised scooter, her scooter had been stolen and thrown into the creek. I'm guessing that the people who did it were teens.

Now the way I see it, the people who stole the scooter should have the serious illness.

Karma will prevail and I hope something bad happens to these idiotic people who stole the scooter.

But as for this man who is now seriously ill, he shouldn't even be in this state, he doesn't deserve it. He is a volunteer for the disabled group I go to. He does a lovely thing by volunteering and gets rained on.

I really hope he kicks this serious illness in the butt :).

I just don't understand life sometimes.

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Sorry that your friends are dealing with some crappy stuff right now. Hopefully karma will handle those responsible for the scooter incident...

Everything happens for a reason? I'm not so sure on that one... Its just anther platitude isn't it? is there a bigger picture, a reasons , a predetermined path? Who knows...That Crappy stuff happens is fact and it doesn't discriminate...

Wishing people all they deserve can be a blessing ....and also a curse - depending on what they truly deserve ;) In olden days didn't they used to wish "a pox" upon those who had done them wrong?

Sorry have no answers, agreements or disagreements on this one...

Hope there is a good outcome for your friends.

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Krama is bad and darma is good,often there is no ryhme or reason for these things,i hope you';re ill friend is going to be as ok as he can be and that the poilce catch whoever stole the scooter .

I think it's a left-over religious sentiment from a time when believers weren't prepared to criticise their creator, so their respectful excuse for all manner of bad things were that there's a reason behind's just that we mortals didn't 'get' it.

It makes me sad hearing about your friends' misfortune Matt but, sadly, being a good person is no insurance against illness or loss. Life's just one big lottery I'm afraid.

I used to have an aged neighbour who hated Margaret Thatcher with a passion for all her 'wickedness'. One day she said 'I've put a hex on that woman' .................. a few days later Mrs Thatcher narrowly escaped the Brighton bomb ! xx

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Matt2584 in reply to cat3

So basically when 'they' say there is a reason for everything. It is believers who say there is a reason for everything.

I don't know how we ended up on earth, I don't think many can give the answer unless of course you believe your creator put you here. But what I do know is that we are here and why bother trying to find out how you got here?

How did this neighbour of yours put a hex on Maggie Thatcher? Did they just say that the put a hex on her?

I might have to give it a go myself :).

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cat3 in reply to Matt2584

I never knew the details, but she was actually a very educated and intelligent woman (now deceased). I believe there's some sort of ritual involved but she was quite secretive about it.

I personally didn't take it at all seriously, though I was pretty shocked when the IRA bomb went off in the Grand Hotel, she being the intended target.

She was very political and a staunch socialist, and hated Thatcher for the Faulkland's war and the introduction of the Poll Tax. x

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Matt2584 in reply to cat3

It sounds as if this person was a witch or even into witchcraft.

I didn't really know much at all about Thatcher as I was only a toddler when she was in power but I do know that I 'apparently' used to love her :). I know a lot of people hated her and some have said that she ruined their lives but my mum says otherwise.

From the things I have heard, she made the UK a better place to live.

I've got to say though, I hate anytihng to do with tax. I don't like the word. Almost everything is taxed. A percentage of money that goes to the greedy government that they don't need or that is how I see it anyway.

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It was a double whammy for you to process... news of the man's serious illness, hope he is well supported and will be ok. And learning that the lady's motor scooter was stolen. Life can be unfair as we know. I believe, that there are no answers to this big question.

Take care.

I believe in scientific explanations for creation and that our fortunes are a result of circumstance and chance.

But I have a bit of a soft spot for Karma, since so many people who made my life a misery when I was younger have had pretty nasty come-uppances, with no help from me whatsoever ! :o

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Matt2584 in reply to cat3

I am not a religious person and I think that science can explain a lot of things.

Karma is something that I love. When I was a kid we used to have horrible neighbours, they were the family from hell.

Anyway, in my teens I found out that the mother of this horrid family died, dropped dead I think or had a heart attack. Anyhow, she was gone and the kids had to move to another location, we were so happy :).

Like a friend told me though, good things come from bad things.

This man at my club who is seriously ill will get better and will return to the club and these youths who stole the scooter, well something bad will happen to them...... But won't that mean a good thing will come from it?

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NightBird in reply to cat3

I don't think karma exists. I think nasty people tend to make a lot of enemies and make things harder for themselves. And when something does come back to bite them, most people will laugh on the sidelines instead of helping :)

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Matt2584 in reply to NightBird

But when that something comes back to bite them, that can be described as karma. They might call it hard luck but we would see otherwise.

I am sorry your friends are suffering, life does have some particularly cruel lessons at times. As Cat said, being a good person is no insurance of only good things happening to you. Many good things seem to happen to bad people & vice versa. Mindless cruelty & vandalism such as with your friend's scooter will never make any sense, however long you ponder it. One positive both have in common is having such a caring friend in you.

Best wishes


I am not a religious person, wouldn't call myself a deeply spiritual person. However, sometimes when things happen I do wonder - like when you think "I will give x a telephone call and the phone rings and it is x ! Why this happens or someone walks away from an incident that they shouldn't you do consider if there is someone looking after them.

However when genuinely good people have something really bad happen to them, deeply religious people will say their faith is being "tested" . Non religious people will see the pointless suffering and misery.

Karma and Dharma are part of our self conscious to see an individual's wrongs meet justice and good deeds get some worldly (or out of world) recognition. There is also our need to see positives out of the worst of situations - the "silver lining"

Being a member of this forum for a number of years, I have seen quite a few people teetering on the edge of giving up and desperate for help. Many of the posters on this thread have extended the hand of kindness to them, which in the vast majority cases has given them hope and feeling of not being alone. If we had not suffered our own personal tragedies, we wouldn't be here to help them in their darkest hours. There are a lot of grateful people out there whom can carry on because of the advice and friendship given out on this forum because we have suffered and come out the other side.

Since I haven't figured out the "everything happens for a reason" yet - How I handle these un-explainable events for myself is I ask myself this question - What is it I am supposed to be learning from these events, situations, tragedies. And then I deal with them the best I can. I find it works better for me when I stop being angry and upset with others, who I have no control over anyway. I've learned when I am using energy being upset with what others do it only harms me. For the most part they don't even know that I exist anyway. Why give them any attention, unless there is something I can do to remedy the situation. Easy to say harder to actually do. Believe me I've spent plenty of swearing and being upset with all the perceived injustices I see or experience. Sometimes and some days seem to be just too much. Wishing all of you all of the best always.

matt i had my stroke because of life style. although my alcohol intake was well above the recommended weekly for a male, my main problem was smoking and i bought cheap tobacco. it smelt like golden virginia tasted like golden virginia but maybe all the pouches werent pure and i was a heavy smoker.

i hope your volunteer gets well soon and they find the little bastards who threw the scooter into the creek and make them volunteer at at a centre so they understand how important that piece of kit is to a disabled persons independence

I've left this one alone, because my views aren't 'mainstream' as such, I don't adhere to the creator or karma dogma, which is my personal choice, and a choice I would never push as the right or only way.

My personal, often controversial theory is that people are meat-we-don't-eat, a chain of organic chemical reactions in a vessel of flesh. That vessel doesn't always work properly, and, sometimes it fails altogether, sometimes incrementally over time. There can be environmental reasons or contributing factors, as Steve has rightly pointed out, or just freak-fluke occurrences, is it one in three for cancer, and one in four for poor mental health?

With regard to the scooter-scrotes, that's the failing of wider society as the 'family' for the children, everything seems disposable to a wide range of the youth of today, some of them place no value on material goods, because they think they are replaceable. I could mount my high horse, and wax lyrical about saving up my paper-round and waitressing wages to pay for my first pair of Dr Marten boots when I was 16 (Which I wore for about 10 years...), whereas a large proportion of the 'youth' of today expect their parents to replace their iPhone version-whatever every time they break it... The parents keep replacing the phones, I make enough bus-journeys to overhear that several times a week, the parents putting their own property 'in the shop' to pay for the tantrum-shattered phone or whatever to be repaired.

Back to Thatcher, the right honourable lady, or however we're supposed to refer to her. I grew up in a mining village, one of the villages that was heavily featured on TV in the mid-eighties. Lady Thatcher did indeed set in motion means of prosperity and personal betterment, but only for those with the means and motivation, this little pit village became a pit, because the vast majority of the miners, who had earned decent wages, had no transferable skills. They were pit-men, and a fair proportion ended up on heroin, an escape from the comfortable lives they no longer had. (Gods, but that's a shocking parallel with life pre/post BI, I hadn't factored that in.)

I'm waffling, I'm in one of my cut-off/shut-down phases, so shouldn't have responded to this one, but, hey, I've started now.

Things do happen for 'a reason', but looking to a 'higher power' to explain that is every bit as logical as assuming that a blood-sacrifice would encourage better crops. (In the sense of a human sacrifice, not blood and bone meal dug through the earth.) We're not daubing dirt on cave walls, we are 'advanced', it's just that generations of parents have absolved themselves of responsibility for instilling societal expectations in their offspring. We're exposed to more toxicity because we live longer, we still have all of our teeth at 40, we work until we drop, and the material possessions are all. (That and Facebook 'likes', or Instagram-whatevers.)

I will get down off my soap-box in a minute, I promise.... We become ill because we're living longer, and some kids are bum-holes because some parents don't each them that's not-OK, all we can do, as individuals, is try to do the right thing by each other, we won't get Brownie points, or a Special Mention in assembly, I had an endlessly annoying colleague about 20 years ago, who, whenever I thanked her for anything, would say "I'll get my reward in heaven!" There isn't a 'reward' for doing the right thing, for being a compassionate human being, and I'm fairly certain we don't sleep any easier than the gits who are only out to please themselves.

Be kind, be human.

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