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Relationships after a brain injury

Hi just to let you know I'll be posting over the next few days firstly about my new house and a video on how it's looking and also something that I have been researching for a while now and that's relationships after a brain injury and how it effects both you and your parter I'll also be sharing some of my own exsperances and how sometimes just after my accident some of the things I did where inerprput, any so keep a look out for that it will be in both written and movie format

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OK Alex ; look forward to seeing how you're getting on in your new home. x


Yo Alex;

Good that you are able to verbalize the situation and reflect on it. Sometimes it is just too much for me to attempt to sort out. How long has it been since your accident?


That's great! I have also done something similar, my Video blogs are on YouTube under Kavita Basi and I have found it has been so helpful for others. Hope you get a chance to read them.

I'm currently writing a book of my experiences including my relationships . Wish you the best of luck.


Hi kavib, thanks for comment on my post I will have a look at your youtube enters and if you get chance please feel free to take a look at mine have a look for my alexis evans my favourite is my skydive that I did to raise money and awareness for headway it was both scarey and exciting at the same time but also when I feeling a bit down I just rember back to that and remind myself that I can do anything was a real life changing exsperance

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