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Any help appreciated

Hi everyone

I have my first check up at addenbrooks tomorrow after my sah back in April so just trying to make a list of questions so I don't forget (story of my life at the moment) can any of you suggest anything

I have what size was it /chance of repeat /what brain damage/ will memory improve/ lose words so I simplify or just use thingy/ will I ever be able to open mouth wider than now/ can't sleep / will sight improve

Any help much appreciated

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I haven't had the same as you, but I think I might ask for medications review ( might help sleep ?) , ask about community neuro team support ( if not already helping), ask more about sight changes ....is it too soon to get opticians review/prescription?

Are you taking someone with you ? Make sure you take pen and paper to write down answers.

Good luck !☺


Hi Dizzy,

Yes completely agree take someone with you. My wife came with me in the early stages of my recovery and It really helped as I couldn't remember what was said by the consultant or really take it in. Take it slowly too and pause, it isn't a race.

Good luck today. Nick Xx


Hi Dizzy

Those are good questions and Moo's suggestions are good too.

Make sure to leave plenty of space for short answers.

Definitely ask for referral to neuro rehab and neuro opthalmologist.

I would also suggest taking plenty of water with you.

Love n hugs



And perhaps ask for speech therapy. I stuttered and could not pronounce long words. The issue with opening your mouth a ST may be able to give your advice or exercises. It is really about getting our bodies to remember how we use to work, if that makes sense.

Be prepared for consultant to not give youa definitive answer for a time spell when memory will improve. Neuro.ogists are good at looking at scans, diagnosing problems and obviously operating on the brain, but the person to give you a key to progressing forward would be a neuropsychologist. I am not sure if you have seen this specialist, but they can test you to indentify where the damages are, for example frontal lobe , which controls emotions, appetite and another 'thingy'😄 .

My partner takes a tape recorder for appts and so far no problems.

Good luck and let us know how you fare S xx


Hi Dizzy, can't add anything more other than hope all goes well for you tomorrow ! ;-) Cat x


Addenbrookes are fantastic! you will be fine.They donot mind lists my hubby and i take lists in. Hope it goes well. Ward A.5 love to see past paitents pop in.If you have time.x


Hi all went well although specialist wasn't available but happy to see the lovely becky aneurysm was 5.3 apparently everything else was as expected at 6 months on fatigue headaches swallowing all about teaching my brain to work faster and she is getting me an appointment for speech therapy so hopefully not everything will be a thingy 😁

Thank you all for your advice



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