Memory clinics - any help?

Hello everyone!

I spoke to my GP yesterday. I wanted her to refer me to someone who could repeat the neuropsychological tests I did in 2009. They were memory and performance tests in various areas. (The WAIS-III, the WTAR and the WMS-III.) They were done by a psychologist, but I'm very wary of seeing a psychologist after the way they've treated me.

She has referred me to a memory clinic. Have any of you been to one? I need to know if they're the right place to do those tests, and also if they provide cognitive rehabilitation or can refer me to someone who does.

The tests didn't touch on all of my problems, so I also need my maths, spatial navigation and various other stuff to be tested too. Obviously, I'm more bothered about doing the tests I'll fail than the ones that will be okay :) . Thanks for your advice! It's amazingly hard to get anywhere within the system.


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  • Hi Lia, My husband needed retesting. The neurologist we saw originally was awful so we asked for a different one and he was very nice. We need the tests to be done again now but the wait is 41 weeks. I spoke to Headway and they suggested that we asked to see a Neuro Psychologist. This was arranged within 3 weeks and he did quite a few tests. As far as I know, memory clinics are very good and probably more in depth than the testing he got. Chat to Headway and see what they suggest.


  • Thank you so much. I was a bit sceptical because I'd heard memory clinics focused on dementia, but maybe this is the right place for me after all.


  • No Lia, I haven't been to one ; my tests were conducted at the hospital neuro-rehab unit a couple of months after the SAH.

    But my neighbour had intense testing at a memory clinic (though he'd been referred for suspected Alzheimer's, which was proved negative). Still, he was very impressed with the whole process, saying how he'd been treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity. xx

  • Thank you so much. I'd read that memory clinics were for dementia, so I was a bit worried. But if they're sensitive to symptoms, that's a good sign. Generalist doctors don't understand the kind of deeply embedded memory loss that this is. They think it's just about forgetting where you put the keys, and they can't understand the strange disappearance of personality that I (and others here) have been experiencing.


  • Hi Lia, I attended one of these with my friend/neighbour who has Alzheimers. Lovely place and they even had a 'pet' chicken in the gardens ! They spent about an hour testing and we went back there after his referral for a scan to get the results and diagnosis from consultant. I am not aware of any specific rehabilitation treatments for my friend, as his condition is progressive. They do offer cafe facilities and group activities though, although my friend preferred not to attend. x

  • was the chicken part of the memory process angel?

  • I think it was just a pleasant interest, Steve. She was the last remaining long lived one of three, apparently. I did remind my friend about the chicken the second time we went and he remembered to look for her with prompting, although neither of us could remember her name lol ! x

  • angel i hope you didnt think i was making fun of you about the chicken, please no.

  • Not at all. I took it as a straight question, Steve. I assume you would use indicators such as the sign : )) for laughter if it was meant as a joke x

  • Thanks a bunch :) . Yeah, it sounds like perhaps it's a more helpful place than I imagined. Even if they don't do the exact stuff needed, they might make a smart referral to someone who can do it.

  • Memory Clinic changed my life and I hate to think where we would be now without them.

    It involved extensive testing, and looked at my specific issues and ways to address them.Everyone from the person the reception desk to the team secretary, to the neuro psych running the programme were amazing and it was the best and most useful aspect of care I experienced

  • That sounds like just what I need :) . I'm hopeful. Thank you!

  • hey night my wife and i play charades or give us a clue it can be really frustrasting when youre in the middle of a converversation and..................................blank, i can actually understand how a child feels when its learning to talk and cant make its mother understand what its asking for

  • Morning Lia,

    I had 2 memory tests when I was in hospital after my accident. One a few days after which my daughter came down with me and I'm sure I failed miserably as I couldn't remember doing the test or my answers as Katie my daughter told me what was said. Not a good start to a memory test eh. The second one was before I left hospital and again Katie came down with me, I did ok but again it was a bit of a blur, Katie said the test was very similar to the first one.

    I had one years ago and didn't like the chap who did it as he treated me like a child but it was worth it because we discovered my short term memory wasn't good.

    Im really pleased you brought this up because I would like another test done now but I'm not sure who to ask so ill give headway a try and go from there.

    Have a fantastic Sunday Lia. Nick Xx

  • Thank you :) . I had a lovely Sunday. I did some tidying in my room, which clears my head a bit.

    In case you've forgotten again, you were planning to speak to Headway about getting another memory test done! I wish you luck with it. From what people are saying, a memory clinic might be right for you.


  • Hi,

    I have read a number of times that inhaling rosemary for 5 minutes a day can improve the memory by 75%.

  • doesnt rosemary mind matt or did you have her permission!!!

  • She doesn't mind. She has people sniffing her all the time :).

  • An update on this :) . Memory clinic told me they couldn't help, as they were basically a dementia clinic and I wasn't in the age bracket. So I tried a roundabout route. I got my eyes checked by the neuro-ophthalmologist at Moorfields and sneakily got *them* to refer me to neuropsych. Now I'm booked into neuropsych at Queen Square on the 28th.

    Yay me.

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