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Phased return to work

I've been working for 3.75 hours for 3 days a week, Monday, Weds, Friday (apart from the last two weeks as I've been to knackered). I've been reading up more in fatigue and I was wondering whether I might feel better working 2 hours a day Monday to Friday instead? Is it best to do less hours in a day but do it everyday or more hours, have a rest day, work, rest, work?

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I'm not sure which is best, but I would guess that less hours each day would help. I start going down hill after an hour of conversation or thinking ..... So if I had to chose, I'd go for less hours each day. :)


Hi Lizum,

I work 3 afternoons a week, Mon, Wed, Fri, safe in the knowledge on the days between that I can either veg out if needed, or use my free time to catch up on my own things ( everything I do is painstakingly slow compared to my previous ability ! ) I kind of prefer the freedom of a fully free day, rather than a little work and reduced time and energy left later on for my own needs. I think it may be something you may need to trial, to be able to decide what is the most suitable for you. x


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