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Introducing Me

Hello everyone, its early days to be talking about symptoms and such on here just yet though they seem to have affected me throughout my life. I discovered this site this morning and am still finding my feet -The "footman" refers to me being a lapsed Reflexologist- I have - I believe - an Un-diagnosed A.B.I that originates, from being dropped on my head onto a concrete step while I was an infant. in my first year back in 1954. I am un-diagnosed because I was never taken to hospital, and scans of course were not around in those days. The brain of course is a marvelous thing and many things are now happening in my life that need addressing which have remained hidden and I am noticing more and more symptoms. My real name is Ray & I'm 62 years young.

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Hello Ray, I'm Mac (Ness really).are you able to give us a 'for example of one of those symptoms you think is manifesting itself/themselves? I've noticed a few since 2014, the date of my SAH...but I would say it's clarity of thought primarily.....to the point where I wonder how I could've missed such obvious things prior to my BI.


Hi Ray and welcome to the forum.

Perhaps you would feel better talking it over with the lovely people at the Headway helpline tomorrow.

When you say lapsed do you mean retired at a young age? Many of us know that feeling and it takes some getting used to.

You could write a list of the things you've noticed and the fact of being dropped on your head . Make an appointment with the GP and discuss them with the GP.

It would be a start.

Love n hugs



Hello Ray and welcome. The only way to get an accurate diagnosis is from a brain scan, preferably an MRI. Talk to your GP and see if he/she will arrange a referral to a neurology consultant. If your GP is unwilling, you might look to Headway for support by phoning the helpline on 0808 800 2244 (free call, office hours).

I hope you can find the appropriate health-care which you've been entitled to retrospectively for most of your life. Good luck to you ! Cat x

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Hi and welcome to the eclectic group of people and backgrounds

A lot of us on here see our youth from the wrong end of the telescope ! and a lot of us wrestle with symptoms from our injury and those brought from ageing.

Head injury is often described as a lonely injury and a journey, previously you have had people whom probably didn't know what you were experiencing ,now at least you have some fellow travellers to chat to.

All the best on your individual journey


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