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Benign brain tumour

Hi, I`m so pleased I found you all here. I had an epidermoid cyst removed from my brain stem 10 years ago. Thankfully it was successful and so far no re-growth. However since that time I`ve taken a sleeping pill ...a benzodiazepine. I stopped the benzo a few months ago but have had severe back pain since. Since the surgery this is the 1st time I`ve been without the benzodiazepine and am beginning to wonder if that was treating post surgery back pain....I `ll add that I never had this pain before the surgery and basically wondering if we can have severe pain after that operation ....many thanks

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Welcome Joyliz. It's well documented that stopping benzodiazepines can have severe withdrawal effects. I was taking 50mg of Diazepam per day 20 years ago and have struggled to reduce the dose to (almost) nil throughout that time, although I still have the odd milligram.

I still take a nightly Temazepam which can be addictive and can have strong withdrawal effects after stopping. So your back pain could be stress since ceasing this sedative which is renowned for its muscle relaxant properties.

I think you'd be wise to talk to your GP about the pain as it's continued for months. There's no point in guesswork when he/she can perform a hands-on examination and get to the root cause. Did you wean yourself off the Temazepam, or stop abruptly ? x


Thank you cat3 for your reply. Unfortunately I stopped the Temazepam cold turkey as I really had no idea about the withdrawal, and ever since I`ve had some withdrawal symptoms ( I looked it up) but the back pain has been the worst.

I`m seeing a neurologist next month and will ask him but was wondering as I`ve taken it ever since brain surgery whether the benzo was in some way `treating` the back pain.....I wondered basically if I could have developed this back pain due to the surgery?

thanks again


Most certainly. I used to use Diazepam for pain and since stopping it (as good as) I've become a creaking wreck ! But interestingly the headaches have reduced in frequency, which isn't surprising as 'benzos' do cause the brain to physically shrink whilst they're active.

But any invasive surgery will leave scar tissue which can be troublesome, more so if it's in an area of frequent strain. I'm sure your neurologist will have plenty of knowledge of the subject.

Let us know how your appointment goes Joy and, in the meantime, I hope you can keep the pain manageable. Cat xx


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