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Are my symptoms normal??

Evening all,

I have been suffering from post concussion for 5 months, CT scan clear, symptoms were , dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, anxiety, up until Tuesday most of my symptoms had disappeared apart from the headaches and fatigue, I was recovering well, well I was nearly there about 75% there!!

I collapsed at work on Tuesday and sent to A&E where they suspected a mini stroke, MRI scan was clear showing no stroke or bleed! which was good really good but I was sent home still feeling dizzy my coordination is all over the place like I'm drunk!!.

I went to the doctors today and asked 'is this normal as I was getting better 'and he said it was unusual because I also have some weird thing going on with my right eye, when I look to the right I get double vision and and my eye does a wobble!! This was not there when I first hit my head and only appeared when I collapsed on Tuesday..so my doctor sends me to the emergency eye clinic, I now have appointment next Monday with the Ophthalmology...

I know some of you on here have said 1 step forward 2 steps back but I feel like I have gone back to how I felt 3 months ago and the doctors cant tell me anything..

I'm lost!!

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One of the things that can happen is that during a concussion it can affect the "teaming" and "tracking" in your eyes and also affect the "crystals" inside your inner ear.

Our balance is a combination of feedback between our feet, eyes and ear and gets combined inside our brain. So if the brain is running a little slow and the messages between our eyes send different signals the brain gets confused and then the wobbles start. These problems put an enormous strain on the brain and can be the cause of the collapse.

I had (still have) post impact problems with my eyes and ears. When I used to lie down the room used to sway like being on a ship. When my eyes were tested by a "behavioral optometrist" they found several problems from tracking, teaming and light reaction times.

When I had the crystals in my ears reset via the Epley manoeuvre, it not only improved my balance but also reduced my Tinnitus. There are alternatives to the Epley manoeuvre all of which are quick, effective and painless.

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Hi Louise

I have sent you a PM.

Love n hugs


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Hi Louise , I have had very similar symptoms to yours. My accident was 20 months ago when I slipped on ice at work and landed on my head on the edge of a concrete step. I thought i'd had just a wee bump to the head and once i had the staples out that life would go on as normal, but it has been a long process. I think the best advice was to rest whenever your body tells you (I wasn't very good at doing this and made the symptoms worse, I was just so frustrated,but now that I'm back at work I realise it's the only way to manage the fatigue).

I hope you will be feeling much better very soon!


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