Facial trauma- bus accident

3 weeks ago I got hit by a bus wing mirror which resulted in the following: left frontal bone linear fracture, the bones around the left orbit and maxillary sinus fracture. Eye casualty review revealed that both eyes are healthy and never experienced double vision or blood vision. Been advised that there will be no risc of developing hemorrhage or brain tumour as a result of this trauma.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since the incident and I am still experiencing the following: lightheadedness (it's not vertigo- the world around me is not spinning) however it is a mild form of lightheadedness as if recovering after a cold sort of thing and it's on and off. I also experience occasional nausea and feel like I lost my eating appetite.

In addition to these, during the course of this week I noticed that I started losing hair from eyebrows and beard- which didn't happen before the accident so should I assume this is due to the CT scan I had on the day of the accident? Also my palms skin started to peel off and it all started few days ago around Tuesday-Wednesday.

I shall mention that I always felt anxious about my health so wondering if the palm peeling and hair loss are due to anxiety as the GP said the nausea might be triggered by anxiety episodes.

Yesterday went A&E due to the fact I had a minor scar infection which resulted in a burning sensation in the sinus area just above my nose- the AE doctors cleansed the site and recommended that I take co-amoxiclav for another 7 days. This was my fault I think because I applied sunscreen on Tuesday to protect the area from UV radiation.

The max fax doctors are positive that the bones will heal in 6-8 weeks time (so that would give me another 5 weeks from this point onwards).

Has anyone had anything similar and if so please feel free to share your experiences. I still feel shaken by the whole experience and am afraid of any possible complications down the line.


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