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hi all i,m back just to let you know have had trouble accessing site to read peoples posts had to join facebook cant see where to send my post,doing this through a shared post although there does not seem to be many at the moment . News got appointment to see consultant neurologist in august have got worse since christmas having trouble with my balance fell over last week thought I had broken my rib just bruised it painfull. So going to have to insist on meaningfull treatment have had none since accident in 2010 now 2016 problems as follows fatigue balance hearing psy chological sequencing slow thinking trying to keep positive any ideas all the very best

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Sorry Comanchero, can't help with symptoms ; all the ones you mention I still have 4&1/2 years on. I think it's all about managing them or recognising what to avoid to minimise them.

I've seen various specialists (endocrinologist, neurologist, psychologist etc.) but no one has answers, or even suggestions, as to how to address the problems. In fact I use the internet more & more these days for ideas, but that can be a can of worms and lead you to conclusions which are way off the mark.

Sorry, don't mean to be gloomy 'cause that's not how I feel, but I've found the 'Bring it on I'm ready' attitude more helpful than the anxious search for remedies. Hope someone else can be more helpful to you.

When I've had problems with the site I've found the 'Contact Support' team very helpful. Click on 'Help' then scroll down to 'Contact Support' where you'll be invited to email them about your difficulties with accessing Headway.

Best wishes, Cat x

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I'd have to agree with Cat - synptoms for me come and go, fluctuating wildly at times, or disappearing at times completely leaving everyone (including me) with the impression that things have returned to normal - only to fall flat on my face again sooner rather than later.

So the brain is a wierd thing, and ongoing symptoms (6 years down the line for me) are not necessarily the result of anything being any more 'wrong' or needing any more investigation than originally. So much can affect your symptoms - from food, to life pressures, to mood, to other viruses/attacks (I am suffering additionally because of hayfever at the moment and it sends me quite wappy these days which it never used to).

By all means get things checked out - better than worrying about it, for sure; just don't go setting your heart on any magic bullet from the medics as they are most unlikely to have one. You are your best expert. Listen to your body and trust what it tells you.

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