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I Thought I was improving but I've been feeling awful the last few days!

This is my fourth week back to work and I'm still only coming into the office 3 days a week and working from home 2 days a week. last week I saw a big improvement but this week i have got my headaches back like a tension headache and I feel wobbly again! Next week I start coming back to work in the office 5 days a week, I've already planned to take a med week break!

I suppose this is the 1 step forward and 2 steps back! how long for me to get back to feeling slightly better again?

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Keep at it. In those first few months, I would literally plan my day around having 10 hours sleep! Hard to do with commute, eating, exercise etc. and making sure digestion has happened before sleep. House cleaning stopped until I could find time at weekend after having crashed on Friday. All other parts of my life stopped. Sleep and work was the focus. Oh and shopping for the best foods - pineapple mainly for inflammation. I know that wobbly feeling. Vision focuses and defocuses as your body says - don't ask me to do this, but you have to. Do the best you can, enjoy your sleep (make sure its continuous) if its not, take sleep aid to get your restful hours of REM sleep - essential in body rejuvenation for next working day x Keep me posted with how you get onx


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Thank you , in bed now to get my 10 hours in before I start all over again tomorrow, this time I'm going to make sure I don't over do it 😱


I first went back to work 2 months after my accident, I did have a bleed, but guess it's no much different. I was put on a phased return where I needed to increase my hours week on week, I just couldn't manage it, so after a couple of months I ended up off sick again for another 2 1/2 months. The second time back I took it much more slowly and eventually gave in and went down to 4 days. I now do 2 at home and 2 in the office, which is still a struggle sometimes but generally I manage. Desperate for a holiday at the moment though. Unfortunately, it's not like going back after a broken leg, you really can't push it too hard.

Sue x


Head injury recovery will be unpredictable and inconsistent. Some days it'll feel like it's no better and some days it'll feel like it's worse. Recovery will take time, if it feels worse than just accept it rather than end up feeling soul destroyed that it's not fixed yet.


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