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Fallen off my horse and been getting persistant headaches?

Hi was wondering if anyone could help!

13 days ago on tuesday 7th, I fell off my horse on a field, was having a lovely canter along the field when he bronced (started rodeoing in simple terms!) and I fell off, I sat the first few but he then spun and panicked and we parted ways he went forwards, and I went backwards, landing like i was laying down on my back and hit the back of my head quite hard on the field as I fell I remember everything that happened!

I sat up straight off and everything was moving, then after about 30 seconds my vision adjusted and everything remained still I had a headache but hadnt hurt myself or anything, so I went back to my horse got back on, and carried on riding as didnt want him to get away with being naughty.

Felt fine and everything was fine, let my mum drive my car back home just encase, next morning I felt fine, went into work then had a headache that came out of nowhere and was dizzy i was sitting at work and could not stop swaying even sitting down it was like I was on a ship! I looked like I was drunk!

This dizziness lasted for a whole two days and gradually went bit by bit over a few days.

But now ever since falling off I keep getting headaches, I work on a computer full time so not sure if this plays a part, but i have no other symptoms now just headaches I never used to get them daily until i fell off, they can come out of nowhere, like ill feel fine and be doing something and they can come on randomly on or I can wake up with a headache, go to sleep with a headache and wake up with it again still.

I would of thought 13 days after the incident these should of gone by now?

This is the second time this has happened to me but the first time the headaches and sickness only lasted two days never this long.

I didnt suffer any trauma I just literally hit the back of my head as I fell and I was wearing a riding helmet, I suffer from panic attacks to and then start to worry as I keep getting these headaches out of the blue

Does this sound like post concussion?

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It does sound like post concussion Nuraya, and it's possible for the symptoms to last longer than 2 weeks.

However, if symptoms persist much beyond 2 weeks it would be wise to see your GP and ask for a referral to a neurologist. Meantime rest as much as possible and keep work and driving to the barest minimum.

Take care, Cat x


Hi, it sounds like concussion to me. I would def see your GP asap just to get checked over. A scan might be in order just to check that there's nothing amiss.

I used to have a horse who did that pretty regularly - you have my sympathies! :)


I would def go and see your GP, it does sound like delayed concussion, in the meantime DO AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to let the brain recover, sleep as much as you can, or just lie with your eyes shut. Good luck, keep pushing with your GP, don't let him fob you off, I had my fall from my horse 18 months ago (with helmet on, knocked out for 10 mins) I've never had headaches, just balance issues and I can't cope with noisey situations, so he had no actual symptoms to go on, and kept saying....see how you go.....I've had to push and push, andtry all different alternative people, and I'm still not right...don't give up xx


Hi there

You must go and get checked out.

I had (what felt like) a very slight concussion. Four months later I had another fall, and I don't even remember anything that morning.

My brain injury, they say, was because I suffered two concussions that close together, and apparently my brain was still a bit swollen when I had my second fall!

Now, after riding since I was 3, and eventing, showjumping and dressage, all in the top grades, I don't even LIKE horses. I have ridden since, but don't enjoy the feeling anymore!

Please take care!

Love Debs



Just to reiterate what others have said. I would definitely get checked out. I fell off my horse just over two years ago and landed on the back of my head and had a bleed, so certainly worth seeking some advice.

I hope you're feeling better soon.



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