It's been a while, old 'friend'

Last night while out with my brother, sudden petit mal/partial/ deja-vu seizure knocked me sideways, backwards, all over the sodding place.

Came home, went to bed and slept not a jot while my mind turned into a veritable food mixer of thoughts. Nonsense, song lyrics, problems, anything filled the void and just wouldn't shift. Now, in the light of morning, I am utterly exhausted and feel like crap, my head feels like a hot brick and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Morning all

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  • I'm tempted to say join the club but that's not very helpful lol. I too spent a night like that and another night earlier this wek he same. Got up in the end and liked at things I don't need and will never buy on amazon - anything to distract myself from the non stop mind arghhhh!!!! Hope you have a peaceful day today and a good nights sleep tonight - sounds like you've earned it :)

  • Thanks, sounds like you need something similar :(

    Take care, sleep well

  • aaawww hugs i heard chocalte and t.v was good remedy!

  • I took advantage of chocolate and Tv, but I'm not sure it made any difference if I'm honest. This one really has knocked my brain against the wall. I'm just exhausted and can't think straight

  • So sorry to hear that you were visited again by your seizure friend who had been absent for a time. Was there a particular trigger that caused the reappearance?? Maybe the Doc needs to adjust the meds?

    Hope a day of rest and sleep recovers you.

  • No triggers at all, I was literally half way through a sentence discussing recent events in the world of snooker ( I know how to live) when it struck. Fortunately my brother knew what it was and just left me to ride it out.

  • Same here with the lack of sleep.

    Lisa1985 x

  • Hope you feel better soon!

  • Sorry to hear that - not been the best of weeks for me neither .... headaches and worryingly little blips that I am trying to ignore because I know I am likely to be told " it's just stress and the blood clot hurting" .... but I was thinking " how do I know that ??" it could be something new and started thinking about every action I take and thought I have - started to get more muddled the more I thought so decided a sleep was in order this afternoon... Wonder if it's air pressure or something affecting more people ?

    At least you were out with friends and not home on your todd - hope you saw some sunshine today and sleep better. :-)

  • It's a worry isn't it, but I've long since given up on trying to work out the whys and hows. What will be will be I guess.

    Hoping you reach a better place son!

  • Hey buddy, I'm sorry to hear you've had a bloody awful time. You express yourself so well. I understand and I hope you are able to get it under control if it becomes more problematic or I hope you recover ASAP.

    Take it easy xx

  • Thanks a lot! I'll get them there, I'm sure of it. I have to be, no one else gives a monkeys :)

  • I'm really sorry Andy ; hope it was no more than a freak one-off again. I think it's not uncommon to still get isolated seizures in an otherwise controlled situation ?

    My niece has them well under control 99% of the time then one hits out of the blue, although not as aggressive since starting the medication.

    Hope you're sleeping tonight and getting lots of hugs so you can put it behind you once more.

    E. xx

  • Hi, E. :)

    Yeah, it's not the first time a random 'event' has struck, the last one was about three months ago. This, however, was a strong one. usually, I'm out of action for a few hours, but this one has knocked me bandy for coming up on two days now. It'll pass, eventually...

    Hope you're as well as can be x

  • Aw, poor lad. :o Hope it passes soon. xx

  • Banging headache is about to enter day three...

    I feel like poo

  • Awe sorry to hear your news. Wishing you all the best. xx

  • Thanks, Peaches, much appreciated. All the best to you and yours

  • get well soon,

  • Thanks, I'll do my best

  • baron c sounds like my symptoms except i havent had my partials confirmed by the neurologist ( ive been referred but no appointment yet )

    i had 2 the weekend before last and thas me for a couple of hours......out like a light......when i wake fresh as a daisy !!!

    im sorry to say this, but im pleased theres someone elso so i can compare my experience not that id wish it on anyone

  • Glad I could help! If you need to compare anything, just give me a yell. It's not easy is it, epilepsy really is one huge spanner in the works when it decides to rear it's bloody ugly head.

  • had 2 weekend just gone ruined my weekend and my me thats special time !!!

  • Oh bugger, yeah, I get that entirely! Ruining special time is the worst, it really is

  • Hi Andy

    Hope you are starting to feel a bit better. It is a long time since my last seizure events (had 2 within 10 days back in Nov 2011 - before that one in 1996!) but my memory of the aftermath is like a migraine postdromal phase, which you describe very well...

    So, rest up, keep the treats coming and this end I will pray it b¥ggers off again, pesky, unwanted visitor.

    Bestest x

  • Thanks, chuck, I kind of hope it sods right off as well!

    Still got the headache, the dreaded hot knife in my temples and all-consuming tiredness have taken over life, for now...

  • I had a quick seizure a couple of weeks ago, I had no warning just hit the deck in my kitchen whilst feeding the dogs. I was sat upright, so can only assume I didn't lose full conciousness, wondering why I was on the floor and why there was dog food everywhere!!! Feeling battered and bruised I went to bed and slept for hours. I called my GP in the morning who confirmed it was probably a partial. I went back to bed and slept again. I too was out of action for a few days. Hope you're feeling better B x

  • Obviously, you have my sympathy and empathy in equal measure. I'm sending my very best wishes and hoping you feel ok now.

    I'm not too bad, just headachey and slightly tired still.

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