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Care Home for Brain Injury


Hi, Has anyone heard about "John Cabot Care Home" based in Brislington, Bristol? If yes, I hope they are good?

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Hi Yoda. If no one can help maybe the Headway helpline might know something. Try them on 0808 800 2244 during office hours.

Hope you find the information you're seeking. I'm assuming it's for your are things ? x

Yoda8888 in reply to cat3

Yes they said that my husband would most likely be transferred there after 6 months of being in the current Brain Injury Rehab, that would be sometime early March. His mobility is getting better, walking but not totally stable so still on 1:1 as his mind is still confused at times and tends to be impulsive, standing up when he is not supposed to if he is on his own he might fall. He doesn't see that he is not well. He doesn't know why he can't come home and keep insisting that he is well enough and independent which is definitely not the case. He is sleeping a lot and a lot of times finding it hard to wake up so he will miss his sessions. It's frustrating but I guess he can't help it. The new place is also for brain injury and behaviour probs which he would need but I am worried that he will continue not to engage. He doesn't know what is right and what is wrong at times. Hopefully eventually he will get it as he does need to engage in those sessions.

razyheath43 in reply to Yoda8888

hope so! just try to trust that he will "pull himself out of it" if you see what i mean,the brain is an amazing bit of kit,he will get there.

steve55 in reply to Yoda8888

Yoda8888 how old is your husband. Not knowing what is right or wrong is all part of a brain injury.

I had my stroke nearly 4yrs ago, I wasn't aware that I'd changed say inappropriate things in public , noise intolerant rude aggressive swearing.

I have some mild physical issues, I tire very easily, but mine is mainly mental health issues.

As far as your husband showing a lack of interest in activities....that is down to only being able to concentrate for a short period of time ( I have several things on the go for my daily activities )

The thing that annoys me most is being told its normal by someone who's never experienced a brain injury.

I was 52 when I had my stroke

Yoda8888 in reply to steve55

He's 54. Yes he doesn't seem to know what's right or wrong. I explain to him when he's in the wrong. The Therapist said I should so that eventually hopefully he will get. I get so frustrated when he's rude to people but at the same time I also feel bad for him as he is prob fed up too of himself. He keeps saying he's sorry but he forgets & will misbehave again.

steve55 in reply to Yoda8888

yoda8888 he doesnt know hes saying it. for me i find it frustrating being advised by someone who hasnt had a brain injury.

my wife and i have both come to terms i will never be that person i was before my bi. yes she tells me off but why, as far as im concerned i havent done anything wrong, why ?

with a bi, the filter you had where by you think before you said anything isnt there what rolls off your tongue is your thought process.

you may also find his behavior can be inappropriate at time even in public, we dont realise we re being inappropriate it gone .

you say youre worried your husband will not engage with people when you put him into a home . one of the major difficulties i have is being socialable. totally opposite to the way i was before.

you asked if anybody knew about this home your putting your husband into, have you been to see it, spoken about your concerns to the manager and staff......sat in on some of the activities or even looked to see if there are other in the area.

when you go to visit ask to see the last inspection some research on the care was my profession before my stroke.

final question why is it necessary for you husband to go into a home when its possible to get a care package in place so your husband can come home ?


Yoda8888 in reply to steve55

It is the current rehab centre here that is doing the transfer for him as it is still not safe for him to come home. He can only stay in the current one for 6 months. Typical of deadline & budgets!! , Yes will make sure the place he is going to will still be able to provide the care & support he needs. It is a smaller place but at least it'll b more homely & I heard sometimes going to a smaller place will work better.

Honestly Yoda, 4 months is still very early days where brain issues are concerned ; there's a lot more healing for your man's brain to go through.

I was only hospitalised for 2 months but, in that time, I managed to get out of bed and fall (good thing I was always good at the splits as legs went separate ways) and it did cause a great deal of fuss resulting in an inquiry.

The only one not affected by the fuss was me. I didn't 'get' all the questioning and I was furious when I was fastened in with rails..............................all very out of character for me.

So you're right about your husband not being responsible for his actions just yet. In those conditions, we often can't grasp that we have physical limitations and go, mistakenly, with our instincts. But from what you've described, his progress looks promising.

I hope your man will respond well to the new unit and there are better days ahead for both of you. xx

Brain injury takes time to adjust and adapt to, I had a mild injury only in hospital 4 or 5 days but I promise 4 months was still early days for me.

The brain is remarkable the way it can reroute ie neroplacity. At just over 2 years I am improving slightly I think still.


Headway has information on care providers which might help your search.

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