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I haven't written for some time but I have found it helpful to read about your situations and I feel heartened by the cheerfulness and the bravery you show. It is 6 months since I had an operation for a subdural haematoma following symptoms that at first were thought could have been a stroke but after a CT scan were shown not to be. I was in a car accident two and half months previously which could have caused the haematoma and I am still waiting to visit an independent Neurosurgeon to find out if this is likely to be the cause.

I was sent home from hospital with just a sheet of paper and instructions that stitches should be removed a few days later and that no further hospital visits were needed. Some time later I had a phone call from the hospital to say that in future people would be counselled before leaving hospital and phoned up on a weekly basis to see how they were getting on after this operation. However this all depended on NHS funding and would not apply to me. I think there must have been other people, who like me, felt that they would have have liked more support and an explanation of what had been done. I have suffered from headaches and tinnitus since the operation.The headaches get worse towards evening. I have found the OT helpful but don't have difficulties walking etc. so I son't feel I can keep bothering her. I am never able to see the same GP twice and have had different advice from the three I have seen! I did ring the hospital to see if there was anyone I could speak to about medication but they said I should go back to the GP. However the Consultant's secretary did ring back later and my Consultant, who I have never met, had said he thought I ought to have a scan as I still have headaches. She said he would ring back with the results and speak to me. I had the scan and eventually after 3 weeks of waiting in he rang when I had popped out to say it was clear. I was sorry not to be able to talk to him.

I am going to see the GP who has been the most helpful on Tuesday for blood test results as I a have a high platelet count which shot up after the operation.

I have found going out for a walk, especially away from traffic, very helpful. Herbal tea helps me to get off to sleep but I usually have broken nights as I wake up after the paracetamol I take at night wears off!

Anyway I know there are a lot of people worse off than me. Thank you for all the helpful advice and Happy and Healthy New Year to you all

Best Wishes


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Hi there Hazel

As someone who has spent the last 5.5 years trying to find out what exactly has gone wrong with her head (and that was before they found the aneuŕysm) my advice would, definitely be keep badgering. Do not feel you are being a bother - believe me there are people out there who are far more bothersome than you are. And anyway, since when was needing more info to manage your condition being bothersome?

I hope that you can get some support soon. I live with headache and know how debilitating it is, also how dismissive the medics can be of this problem, particularly when it is chronic in nature. I hope you get some answers soon. Very best wishes.


Thanks for your helpful reply it was a CT scan that I had both times. I have a feeling that part of the problem of a lack of a decent link between GPs and the hospital where I had my op is that it is not the nearest large hospital and takes patients from all over the country with brain injuries. This did not used to be the case and I think has happened because of NHS reorganisation. My sister in law had a very minor op on her nose recently at our local large hospital and they were able to ring up with any problems and go back for a check up! Hazel


Hi Hazel

Was your second scan CT or MRI?

I ask because they show different things and it took a CT scan and 2 MRI scans and me doing a full on war dance (with my OT and physio involvement as evidence) to finally get information about what is wrong.

Believe me on this one you would not have an OT if you didn't need one.

When you see the neuro surgeon take a list of questions with you and leave space for answers. One of the questions I would ask is....is there any pain relief available?

If your headaches are worse towards the end of the day can you build in rest periods throughout the day?

Here's hoping you get answers and help soon.




Hi Hazel,

It really isn't a question of any of us being worse off than anybody else. We're all in the same enormous boat, rowing with all of our strength against the tide. Some of us manage to row that bit quicker, but ultimately, we're all rowing.

Keep us in the loop and very best wishes!



Hi Hazel,

I too can have problems with my sleep, I expect a lot of BI survivors have trouble sleeping and waking up at odd hours.

Anyway, I have a lot of faith in nature now and natural products and there are a lot of ways to better your sleep.

I don't know all the natural ways but I do know some that help out and that is mainly what I need.

I have a himalayan salt lamp, I inhale Frankincense essential oil and I try to not electriclal devices, such as my phone ipad before bed.

Electrical devices with screens can disrupt sleep patterns.

Take care,



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