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Long talk and a great Christmas

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

My last post was when I was feeling upset about the way my son had spoken to me and gone on and on and on.

The update is we had a long and honest chat and were both able to say how we felt. I told him I'd posted on here and about the responses I'd received.

We've come up with a code word for me to say when he's starting to go on and on and get a bit out of hand (for want of a better description).

We've used it a bit over Christmas and its lightened a couple of situations.

We had a great Christmas spent with friends, just what we needed.

The best thing for me, though, was the chat and being honest and trying to think of ways round certain issues.

I'm sure we'll be putting the code word into practice during the week as it's school holidays and it will be busy, noisy and a bit overwhelming but fun too.

Hope you all have a good week xx

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Hi Alice,

I have found too that this works well and we have adopted it over Christmas. The code word is (NICK) It has been used over the last couple of days but fortunately not to much. I have my inlays coming over today so hopefully it won't get used but I'm sure it will be. It will all go swimmingly unless we have another person in the room called Nick or I go deaf.

Have a great Sunday and God Bless. XX Nick

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Hi Nick

It warms my heart to hear that it works for you.

For clarity it does need the open honest conversation up front and everyone to agree.

Love n hugs



Great news Alice. Sounds like a break-through for you both at last. Hope it's the start of more relaxed & happy times for all of you. xx


Thanks, Cat

I think it's a work in progress.

How are you? Good I hope

You take care xx


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