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Just a quick question has anyone taken or even taking Nootropil medicine also comes under the name Piracetam.

I have just had an appointment with my neurologist today and talked over what's going on with me so he has given me this med to try and see how and if it will help with some of my symptoms.

I would appreciate peoples comments on this med and how its helped them!!!


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Sorry you've had no takers for this Mandy but not too surprising as it's rather an obscure drug ; not even permitted in USA.

But if your neuro thinks it's worth a try then at least (from what I've found on Google) it's supposed to have minimal side effects.

Good luck with it & let us know how you get on. Hope you find it helps !! Cat x


Hello Cat,

Good to hear from you and hope all's ok with you.....

I briefly googled it yesterday when I got back from the neurologist like I do with any meds I take....lol but will take a further look when I get time tomorrow.

It's actually in medicine form that I have been given and he told me its used at times when for example someone has had surgery and its meant to keep the brain alert....let's see !!!

Sometimes I feel like we are guinea pigs but if it helps then I'm for it. The weather has turned a lot cooler(cold) here it really effects me but this time last year I wasn't on any meds like now(Keppra) so feel totally different again like worse so again let's see!!!!



Good grief Mandy, if you become any more alert the world had better watch out !

Seriously, I hope it works for you. xx


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