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Toe Job (blatant sympathy request)

Toe Job (blatant sympathy request)

The phone rang. I shot up, blissfully unaware of the coffee table leg so close by. My leg went straight on, my toe went nowhere. I answered the phone and all the Baroness (on the line) heard were my squeals of pain.

That was Thursday afternoon, this is now. One broken toe, quite nasty bruising, a touch of ligament damage and one crippled Baron.

Never answer the phone in a hurry

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As I mentioned t'other day, a broken toe (I found) is often a subject for mirth, probably due to the digit being our most minor appendage.

But when my big toe went 'crack' whilst scrunching down low to reach the key on the inside of the back door, via the cat-flap, the pain was excruciating. :O

So you have my sincerest sympathy Andy ; keep on with the PKs and the oversized right shoe !

Love Cat xx


This must go with the BI territory I broke a toe last year, my sympathies, very painful, but as Cat says the subject of much mirth. But come on now Andy, man up, it pales into insignificance with what you've been through!

I am sorry though, hope it heals quickly xxx Janet


This is much worse, I slept through the brain nonsense :)

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Same here ; no memory of the brain thingy, but sympathy & concern flooded in from all quarters.

The toe was lingering, nagging pain which attracted only sniggers behind hands.

Obviously the long term effects of the toe are minimal ; pity our brains don't repair quite so well. xx


Hope you heal up quickly, I fell over the puppy once (we don't have him anymore gave him to someone who has a huge farm so he's got plenty of space as he caused me to gain 3 small TBI's) one where I broke my toe and fell head first on to the electric fire, but your's looks a lot worse than mine was, rest and ice is what I'd suggest to help any swelling, pain and bruising to go down, hope you can get back on your feet soon,

Take care,

Siobhan x


LOL! brain nonsnse! tape it to the next one and stay off it!


At least there is no plaster involved this time.

Just in time for school holidays again.

Rest up and recover soon you never know what mischief you will be able to get into with the mini barons Xmas presents.




Ooh pritty colours! agree with the broken bones being more painful than brain stuff, simply because we don't remember it, though my wife points out she does remember my pain and was a significant amount but I don't!


Hi B,

As an aromatherapist I use 10ml of lavender essential oil and dripping 4-5 drops onto bruised area every 3-4 hours - keep uncovered while it dries - deals with external bruising. Also in Boots I buy Arnica 6c - take twice daily - hold under tongue until it disperses - until bruise gone - deals with internal bruising.



Just logged in and been treated to the sight of Bigfoot !

You can bruise a rainbow : )

I thought you were only dangerous outdoors, Andy !

Sympathy granted,

Angela x


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