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Colouring heaven

Well I would advise anyone who is interested in any kind of colouring to get the new "in thing" ...Colouring for adults

I was like a kid buying all my felt tips and it took me right back to my childhood and I still prefer colouring with felt pens than crayons...

They also have a FB page so if you are interested take a look so you get a better idea some fab pictures to colour and the FB page is called colouring heaven.


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I love them Mandy - a creative treat ! x


I remember the shop Athena who used to do these big posters in a tube which included the felt pens I loved them and some of the pictures depending which book you have reminds me of this on a smaller scale of course.

(**,) (**,)


Hi Mandy,

These books aren't just for girls either.

I find them really absorbing and get great sense of acheivement on successful or even weird colour combinations when I manage to stay inside the lines lol.

A recent page of circus elephants got coloured grey, blue, red and even a few pink ones (although that may have been the meds) using all sorts of tools, crayons, pencils, felt tips, metalics, glitters and flourecent). Never did watch David Attenborough lol.

Hoping it won't be long before Matt is able to cash in on this "new thing" or at least provide us with some printable sketches (that he so brilliantly produces) that we can colour in.

Geoff :-)

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Its great isn't it to make them as colourful as you want and of course keeping in the lines....hahahaha always did that as a kid:)

Like what you say ,could have been the meds so if everyone use's weird colour combinations we can say "it's the meds"....hahahaha

If you look on the FB page Colouring Heaven you will see some fab colours that have put together on some of the pictures that's the great joy of colouring...



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