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DWP messing with an already messed up brain!!!!

The DWP are driving me mental!!

Firstly they stop my PIP because, apparently my symptoms have got better even though it was clear during my assessment they were much worse. Then after applying for ESA I get a text saying I was going to get it, a few days later I get a letter to say I won't because I'm earing too much and today I get a small payment from them!!

Brain is well and truly confused, I do wish they would be consistent.

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I am sorry you are experiencing inconsistent expectations from DWP. Where I volunteer , Macmillan welfare benefits advisor just said today in her very loud, French accent, which despite my earplugs , her talking is too much to bear, the volume. I have to leave the room! Sorry, I am going off the point! She advised DWP are quite often making mistakes in claims, income.

Just a suggestion, but at CAB there are great welfare benefits advisors, who can advise exactly the benefits and income you should be receiving.

I have last week asked for mandatory decision of my PIP assessment decision. My money will decrease in two weeks, but mandatory decision process is 8-9 weeks. If not successful goes to appeal, tribunal!

I think you said in a post regarding my ATOS decision, you were also appealing. How is this faring?

Hope you receive some answers soon !


Hiya Sea

I did say I had appealed the PIP decision, still waiting. It's all gone quiet on the PIP front.

Good to hear that someone has said ESA are making mistakes (not good as in yey, but good as in gives a glimmer of hope). When I called to ask for an explanation as to why I had received a letter stating I wasn't entitled to it the lady on the other end didn't even take my details. Just garbled on about something. My mother is calling them today to try and get some sense out of them (give them a tongue lashing in a polite manner. I may be 41 but I'm still her baby, lol). I get so confused when talking to these people I can't speak. So hopefully this afternoon I will have a better understanding of what's going on :)

Hope you are well x


Yes, I found all of this too much to cope with when I was ill last year. SO much paperwork and questions when I was still needing carers at home to come in and ensure I was taking medication - let alone deal with financial complexities ......

Turned out I was entitled to NOTHING but taxis to/from work when I was well enough to start a phased return .... my savings dwindled but survived .

Good luck :-)


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