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Happy Friday, all

Another anniversary. A truly horrific one for the USA, obviously, and a day when the world became a more dangerous and unpredictable place. On that actual day in 2001 I was in a coma with TBM and my own little world was, when I finally emerged in October, about to be irrevocably changed and way way scarier.

We just never know, do we folks? Those of us with a BI don`t take anything for granted and life is that little bit more precious, because it has been threatened. Big hugs to everyone on the forum, anniversaries are fine, but we live with a BI every minute of every day so keep going and let`s keep supporting each other xxx

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Abi1 ...

In the UK after many years of mainland terror the world was already dangerous [it still continues in NI but only locally reported. God forbid everyone else thinks Blair's Good Friday Agreement doesn't work].

You've had US Embassy explosions in Baghdad, Beirut, Nairobi, Turkey and the Yemen [where I grew up].

It's not that the world is any more dangerous place since 11/09 - its just the US is hated slightly more than the rest of us, with an attack on 'your' homeland you feel that.

We'd had it previously in our British Empire as well and from its hangers on as well as being threatened from within [and partially funded by collection tins in the US and sadly London too].

Then we had it from a different source 07/07 and an attempted attack on 21/07.

That someone carried out an atrocity in the US only adds to the problem - rather than starting something that is already worldwide. We all face the same problem and like those who tender terror towards a free country our Security Services have also learnt and adapted as well sharing this expertise with others who suffer terrorism intimately.

The US agencies do likewise.

Just to add icing to this very sad cake I was nearly blown up in Bangkok .......

Life is, as you state, all the much sweeter for the recovery from the TBI and all the more joyful for me because I am not a bucketful of limbs thanks to the activities of activists [on behalf of the ethnic minority Uigher] whilst I took a week in the Far East!

Take Care and Good Luck



Yup, you are right and, even though I have amnesia now, thanks to TB meningitis, I know that the `70s, when I was growing up, was a scary time of daily news reports from Northern Ireland and I live in Brighton/Hove, where our then PM was almost killed....

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Hi Abi,

I hadn't realised the date so thanks for reminding me.( I don't get chance to watch much TV these days and stay in touch ). I remember watching the breaking news - I was working for a neighbour, sadly she has passed on now. She called me inside from the garden to see the first footage of the towers being hit - horrifying. Many lives lost and changed that day.

We never know what is round the corner and I'm sure that anyone who has been through a potential life threatening experience must view things from a different perspective.

So have a good weekend in your brave new world, as I will try to do in mine.

I think that now our worlds have joined together on this forum, it is perhaps not so scary, after all : )

Angela x


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