SAH in 1994 and am now pregnant - has anyone else become pregnant and what has your dr advised?

Hi there, I was 18 when I had my brain haemorrhage. I had the aneurysm clipped and, although I have had some issues with speech and I lost most of my childhood memories I have had a relatively uneventful life. Now that I am pregnant I am wondering if anyone knows of long term studies or of anyone who has had such a surgery and gone on to become pregnant. My main concerns are increased blood pressure and risk of further bleeds. Also I can not get a straight answer about C-sections, any pointers gratefully received.

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  • well i cannot advice you about the B,I aspect,however a C section is major surgery,do you feel you would really need one? ask youre doctor or midwife about it,and many congrats! on being pregant! futre mum xx

  • Hi there and congrats on pregnancy. I hope everything progresses and goes well. I wonder if your local midwife or head of local midwifery would have comments/advice that would be helpful.I bet there have been studies .

    Also your local or national NCT group might have experience of this as well as headway of course .

    Good luck


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